The right garage door will improve your home’s curbside appeal, increase its value and serve you for decades. Before buying a Mundelein garage door, it is advisable to spend a little time and effort ensuring you choose the garage door that best suits your needs, budget, and personal preferences. 

Do not get caught up in the budget

While spending wisely and sticking to your budget is essential, you should consider investing a reasonable amount in your garage door because you will not likely buy a new one soon. It is wise to choose a durable door made from material that is not high maintenance.  

Garage door styles

There is a wide range of garage door styles on the market. When settling on a garage door style, you should be guided by functionality first and appearance second. It is absurd to purchase a garage door that is aesthetically pleasing but does not suit your functional needs because it will malfunction and get worn out pretty fast. 

Do not attempt to install the garage door yourself

Even homeowners with experience solving problems around the house are not advised to fix a garage door without professional help. Resist the temptation to save a couple of hundred dollars in labor because professionals will do the job in a quick and safety-compliant manner. Reputable garage doors installed also guarantee their parts and labor so that you can count on them for maintenance services. 

Choose the right materials 

There are several options for materials when purchasing a new garage door. Aluminum is appropriate for humid environments because it easily resists rust and corrosion. Steel is a very common garage door material that comes in various styles, colors, and price ranges. Wood is a great-looking option that has the downside of being very high maintenance and being much more expensive than other alternatives. Composite wood is the best alternative for homeowners who want the look and feel of wood without the high cost and maintenance. Composite wood is insulated to be moisture resistant and therefore won’t rot or crack. 

Do you need garage door windows?

Some garage doors come with windows in the top row of panels. Windows are unnecessary for garage doors, but they offer several advantages and disadvantages. Depending on its style, windows can significantly enhance the look of your garage door. Windows also allow some natural light to stream into your home during the day. However, windows increase the maintenance work necessary on garage doors. 

Do you need an insulated door? 

If your garage door is not climate controlled, you may wonder whether you need an insulated garage door. Insulated garage doors are an excellent idea for any homeowner whose garage is attached to the house. Insulated doors are quieter than hollow ones, and they improve your home’s energy efficiency. 

Choosing a quiet door

If you are spending more than $1,500 on your garage door, there are simple ways to ensure it is quiet. Ensure that your installer uses nylon rollers (the extra cost will be negligible) and a new belt-drive opener. Belt drive openers are the subtlest kind, and the results will justify the additional cost. 

Choosing a strong door

Not all garage doors can withstand harsh weather and windy locations. Since garage doors are the biggest opening in your home, it is essential to consult your installer on the most appropriate material and style of door for your specific location. Steel, aluminum, and composite wood doors can withstand heavy use, harsh weather conditions, rust, and corrosion. Garage doors made of wood, glass, and other high-maintenance materials are not ideal for severe weather and heavy use. 

Find a qualified installer

When looking for a professional to install your garage doors, you can ask for referrals from neighbors, family, or friends. Another way to find a qualified installer is by checking out online reviews and testimonials. You can also consult websites that specifically deal with home contractors in your location. Some garage door brands also come with free installation and maintenance services after purchase. 

Consider new technology

New garage doors have updated features that increase their convenience. When choosing a garage door, consider what amount of technology you can afford to incorporate within your price range. You can now use an app on your smartphone to open and close your garage door. Further, the app allows remote access that lets you confirm whether you shut the door on your way out. 

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