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It is the land of donuts, snow, warm syrup, and dark red maple. It is the land of easy laughter and friendly faces and never-ending ski season. And it boasts of a whopping total of sixteen world heritage sites.

So, it is really not surprising that Canada tops almost every bucket list, every to-visit list clung onto by each world traveler worth their salt. But, if you finally have your Canada Tourist Visa and are ready to make that life-changing trip to the land of maple and wild, natural diversity, there are some things you should know that would allow you to make your trip really worth it.

So, without further ado, here are ten travel trips that will help you make your first trip to Canada a memorable one:

  1. Mind the weather!

The first thing visitors to this insanely beautiful country notice is how cold it is. And we don’t mean the usual wintry cold. Canadian summers too are known to get notoriously cold. So, remember to check the usual weather conditions of the places you plan on visiting while packing. And carry a lot of layers.

  1. A lil bit of France

Another thing to remember while traveling through the country is that English is not the only official language here. So, not everyone you ask for directions may give them to you in a language you understand. But don’t worry. There will always be someone around and willing to help.

  1. Don’t be surprised by the friendliness

Canadians regularly smile at and greet locals and even strike up conversations with random strangers. Canadians are known all over the world for being unbelievably friendly so don’t be surprised if the person in line in front of you start talking to you and asking questions. They are not trying to be nosy, just friendly!

  1. Best time to visit

Summer months are the most popular time to visit Canada because the winters are obnoxiously cold. But that does mean that it tends to get overcrowded during the summer. You can visit during the fall and spring seasons if you want to dodge the crowd.

  1. Foodie haven

Canada is a melting pot of different cultures. This means the country has a ton of lip-smacking specialties to boast of. If you are in Canada for the first time, remember to indulge in the local delicacies like poutine, beavertails, Caesar cocktails, and pâté chinois.

  1. Did someone say beer?

Beer lover? Canada will definitely blow your mind then. The entire British Columbia area is extremely famous for its craft beer scene. And every brewery boasts of its own special blend of beer. So, maybe set aside a day to just explore the pubs and enjoy the amber drink to the fullest.

Bonus: Pair your beer with some snacks from food trucks for maximum satisfaction

  1. Beware of crime

Like any city that sees throngs of visitors each year, Canada witnesses its own share of petty crimes. Most thieves target tourists since they are easier to target. Best way to protact yourself in such a scenario would be to keep your valuables out of sight (especially if you are leaving them in cars) and leaving your passport at the hotel and carrying a copy with you instead

  1. Places to visit

This list is actually endless. You could create several articles full of lists of places to visit in Canada and it still would not be enough. But, according to travelers, three of the places you definitely should not miss are:

  • Bay of Fundy
  • Lunenburg in Nova Scotia
  • Banff National Park
  1. Plan how to travel around

The country is mind bogglingly vast so the local transport system does not work like it does in the US or the UK. If you are planning on staying for a long time and/or visiting lots of areas, it is best to rent a car to get around. Although the major cities do have their own subways and Ubers, it can still get difficult to get around in certain places.

  1. Remember to tip

When in Canada, remember to tip your server! The tipping rates are usually 15-20% of your total bill so do pay accordingly.

By Hemant Kumar

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