Did you know many people have been completing home renovations since the pandemic? Complete some renovations and boost your home’s value. If you want to increase home value, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over some different home renovations to consider.

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1. Work On the Aesthetics

You can renovate your home in a simple way by making it more attractive.

Look at home staging or bringing in a designer to help you with home decor. You will enjoy living in your home and have it ready to sell down the road. You can check out the Quartz countertop website to install high quality and premium looking worktops for your kitchen to upgrade your house kitchen.

2. Choose a Popular Room to Renovate

If you plan to complete a renovation on your home, think about the room you’d like to remodel. Most homeowners will work on their kitchen, bathroom, or master bedroom.

You could also ask a reputable real estate agent what they would suggest completing in your home.

3. Make Your Home Bigger

A larger home will sell for more money. If you add square footage to your home, you’ll end up adding value.

Are there walls in your home that you could knock out? Knocking down a wall or two will make your space feel more open and spacious.

Also, is there an area where you could add another bathroom? If you only have one bathroom in your home, consider adding another.

Home renovations tend to cost more than what they add to the resale value. Yet, you will get to enjoy the renovation if you stay there for a couple of years.

Whatever you change or add should practically boost your home value.

4. Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

You should look at making your house more energy-efficient. Energy-efficient homes tend to be popular among buyers and can boost your home value.

There are a few features you can focus on in your home. Consider getting eco-conscious doors and siding installations.

You can also look at energy-efficient lighting options. Consider installing solar panels from San Francisco. If you upgrade your windows, consider making them more energy-efficient.

While you live in your home, you will save on your bills. When you choose to sell your home, your listing agent can highlight the energy-efficient features.

5. Update Your Appliances

Ease a buyer’s perspective on home maintenance issues by updating appliances. Consider updating your HVAC system. If there’s a leak in your plumbing line, make sure you fix it.

Old water heaters should get replaced. You can always do a middle-range roof replacement instead of a complete replacement.

Boost the value of your home by completing these repairs and replacements. Homebuyers won’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of maintenance work to complete.

6. Make Your Home Smart

A lot of Americans have become more interested in buying a smart home. Popular innovative home products include a fire detector, lighting system, thermostat, and carbon monoxide detector.

7. Revamp Your Basement or Attic

Some homeowners will use their basement or attic for storage only. Yet, if you repurpose these spaces, you could end up boosting the value of your home.

Some people will turn their attic or loft into another bedroom. Yet, make sure you invest in proper insulation. Proper insulation will make your home more energy-efficient.

Transform the space into a livable area. Give the attic or basement a multi-purpose feeling. Consider turning one of these rooms into a home office. More people work from home now.

If your basement has plumbing, transform it into a laundry room. Laundry rooms are a popular feature among buyers and will increase the value.

8. Make Storage Space a Priority

Homes with storage space are valuable. Are there areas you can add more storage space? Install a storage space beneath a staircase. Turn the stairs into drawers. You could also put rolling storage under your bed.

Think about different spaces where you can add shelving units or cabinets.

This way, you can keep clutter out of your home. You’ll have storage space for all your belongings. Future home buyers will also see the value in these storage areas.

9. Update the Walls in Your Home

Transform the walls of your home with new paint.

If you plan to redecorate your home, get rid of old wallpaper. Wallpaper tends to put off a lot of buyers.

When choosing a new paint color, make sure it flows with the rest of your home. The colors should reflect the decor and atmosphere.

During the paint job, you should also look for cracks in the wall. Make sure you seal up any cracks. Your home will be a lot more energy-efficient after doing this job.

10. Boost Curb Appeal

You can improve your curb appeal through simple maintenance tasks and landscaping jobs. Make sure you fix any cracks in your driveway pavement. Clean up flower beds, and keep your lawn neat and trimmed.

Add some outdoor decor and furniture. You want people to see your home as inviting and cozy. Some people will also add a patio or deck later on, which will increase the home value.

When buyers see the deck or patio, they will imagine sitting there with friends.

Now You Know How to Increase Home Value

We hope this guide on increasing your home value was helpful. Increase home value now by updating old appliances. Consider installing smart technology and making your home energy-efficient.

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