Instagram is the current rage on social media platforms. Not only ordinary people but influencers, content creators, and business owners are taking it seriously. When Instagram came into the picture, it was all about pictures, high-quality images, and telling a story through photos.

With the growing demand for Instagram, the makers include many new features like Story, Filters, Video (IGTV), and Reels. People spend maximum time on Instagram to stay connected with brands, influencers and even scroll to enjoy the entertainment. If you are wise to grow your business, then Instagram video is your next target.

Why Are Businesses Using Instagram Video?

In Instagram’s Primary profile grid, you can only post a video of 60 secs. Hence, they launched the IGTV platform where you can post a long video. Business owners are shooting a video and taking the help of an online video editor to edit it and post it on IGTV. It creates awareness of the brand; it connects the brand with the potential audiences. Good videos fetch viewers and turn into leads. 

It is an excellent opportunity for a company to make the best use of the platform and stay in touch with audiences. Video marketing is a revolution nowadays. For successful growth in a business, video marketing is essential. It is a stepping stone towards a successful business. 

Best Instagram Video Editing Tools

1. InVideo – 

It is the best video editing tool that helps you edit the video professionally. The interface of the software is easy. It is available on the browser. The features of InVideo software are incredible. Upload music, lyric, tutorial, stop motion video using this editing tool. You can edit the video and upload high-quality videos on Instagram. Do not spend long hours editing videos. 

They have collections of templates that you use to create an engaging video. These templates are fantastic and support your Instagram video format. Also, it offers a blank canvas where you can add or minus the features of the InVideo and create an exciting video. Another form is to add incredible texts to the video slides and create a textual video for the audience. They have both paid and free versions of video editing format. 

2. InShot – 

Using this app, you can edit the video at any time. It is a simple app which anyone can use. Apart from video editing, you can put filters on the images and even create picture collages. Choose a frame for IGTV, feed, or story easily.

Use essential features like trim, cut, and split. Blur the unused background area, add filters, transitions of your choice. Add texts and stickers to the video. In the free version, the watermark is visible with ad features. If you take the paid version, which is nominal, you can get rid of this.

3. YouCut – 

It is another app where video editing becomes easy. The good thing is that you do not get any watermark after editing a video, even in the free version. You can set the frame of the video as per your requirement. You can use many features in the free version like flipping the video, adjusting the volume, setting the background music. You can add many texts, change color, add a label to stand out from the text. It is both Instagram and YouTube-friendly. 

4. Magisto – 

It is an AI editing tool, which creates video through facial or sound recognition. It creates a sequence that excites the response of emotions from the audience. With the help of AI, it offers innumerable customization. Upload video from the media library offers a drag and drop facility, and an animation feature is there to edit the video. It is a rich tool for Instagram. 

5. Adobe Premium Rush – 

You get an option to sync with the cloud service. You can transfer to Adobe Premiere Pro, and there you can edit the video more. You can download it on any device. Instagram export gets automatically optimized. 

6. Horizon – 

You can handle the phone in any direction; this app will use horizontal mode to edit the video. It helps you upload the platform not only on Instagram but even on YouTube. It makes the look of the video professional and clean. You can use a horizontal viewfinder for the app. 

7. iMovie – 

It is an organized app for iPhone users. It has an audio filter that numbers twenty and thirty filters for videos. You can change the color of the video to match the look and balance out the whiteness. It even supports 4K and HD video quality. You get a stability feature and share the final video on different social media, including Instagram.

8. Apple Clips – 

It is a super simple video editing tool. The control of the device is straightforward. It has innumerable posters, stickers, and emojis to use in the video. You can add music from the Apple Clips library. Share the video to Instagram after editing the video. 

9. WeVideo –

The feature of the cloud helps people to edit the videos of the same clip. It is compatible with various platforms. You create horizontal, square, and vertical videos using speed effect, green screen, licensed music. 

10. FilmoraGo – 

It is the best Online Video Editor where you get incredible features. You can add a PIP video to this software’s existing video. While exporting video, you must export in 1:1 ratio for Instagram. It has numerous features, transitions, and effects to use in the video. 

11. VSCO – 

You can access the preset library, which is 200 in numbers. If you have an account in VSCO, you are a part of the VSCO community. There is no limitation to the size and length of the video. You can check the tutorials to become a pro in video editing for Instagram.


You have a list of many options. It is hard to choose one single one considering the features of all the tools. But, to make your business game strong, choose the best one that suits your business. 

By Hemant Kumar

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