Golden Triangle Tour Packages

The Golden Triangle tour in India is an excellent option if you’re looking for an adventurous trip. This tour, known as the Golden Triangle, features three culturally and historically rich jewels of India, Delhi Jaipur and Agra. Many enthusiastic travellers dream of visiting these famous spots. These charming destinations are just a few of the many unique experiences that will enhance your holiday.

1.      Village Walking Tours

Walking around the Golden Triangle Tour Packages is one of the best ways you can explore it. It is not as easy as it sounds for a holiday, but this is the best way to see the sights. Take a walk through Kachhpura village, which is located on the banks of Yamuna in Agra.

Talk to the villager and learn about its rich history.

You can see street plays being performed by the villagers.

Sanji is a traditional, local art that uses stencils.

2. Enjoy Agra’s local delicacies

Once you’ve seen the grandeur of Agra Fort, Taj Mahal and other monuments, you should head to the famous food scene.

Rambabu Paratha Bhandar offers delicious parathas.

You can find over 50 varieties of delicious local chaats in the various chaat stands around the city.

Agra is well-known for its delicious ‘Petha,’ a sweet made from pumpkin and sugar syrup 

2.      Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Exploring the natural beauty of the Golden Triangle is one of the most enjoyable things you can do during your holiday. Visit the less-known Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. This sanctuary is beautiful and also houses the Sloth Bear Rescue Centre.

You can observe and admire the adorable sloth bears that were forced to dance in the past.

You can also find the elephant rescue centre nearby. Check Review!

4. Fatehpur Sikri- Most Recommended On your Golden Triangle Tour

Fatehpur Sikri is often overlooked in favour of Agra. However, it exudes the same charm and stunning architecture as the Moghul Empire.

Fatehpur Sikri has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Old Delhi Tour

Old Delhi is a whole new world. Every step is a reminder of the past. Take a walking tour of Old Delhi to discover the authentic charm of this city.

Enjoy the Old Delhi and Jama Masjid charms.

You can shop at charming markets for woollens and clothes, handicrafts as well as books and other knick-knacks.

6. Discover Kathputhli Colony

The Art of Hope tour takes you through the slums of Kathputhli Colony, Delhi. This colony is full of artists, musicians, dancers, and puppeteers.

Here are some spectacular performances of local dances such as Ghumar, Bhawani, Chari, and Dandiya.

You can enjoy magic, fire and puppet shows. 

7. Learn Sufism

Enjoy a conversation with divinity at Nizamuddin Dargah, Delhi, and enjoy the escape from the chaotic world. On your Golden Triangle tour, the tomb of Saint Nizamuddin Auliya, a Sufi saint, offers an unforgettable experience of Sufism.

You can listen to the Dargah devotees sing the divine Qawwalis.

You can try delicacies from Karim’s and Ghalib Kabab Corner, Nizamuddin.

Be surrounded by peace and tranquillity when you visit the tomb.

8. Visit the Lotus Temple

The beautiful Lotus Temple is located in Delhi, a little off the tourist trail and a fantastic place to visit during your Golden triangle tour. It is a lovely architectural marvel with a serene aura and beautifully maintained lawns that make for a pleasant walk.

This temple is characterized by its beautiful architecture and sizeable white lotus flowers.

You will be tempted to meditate or spend quiet moments in peace and tranquillity by its peaceful aura.

9. Delhi – Shop 

Shopping in Delhi is an absolute must-do on any holiday. At the many markets in the capital, you can find beautiful handicrafts, clothing, and handlooms.

Shop at Kamla Nagar Market, Sarojini Market to buy clothes, and Paharganj Market for books.

For handicrafts, food, and handlooms from all parts of India, visit the Delhi Haat.

These markets have food stalls.

10. Cook like the locals

 Delhi is a paradise for foodies. You can indulge in mouth-watering cuisine while on your Golden Triangle tour. Cooking lessons with local families will teach you how to cook authentic local cuisine.

Enjoy a delicious meal and learn local recipes with your host family.

Learn about the traditional cooking methods in your area and the best recipes.

11. Hot air ballooning in Jaipur is a popular option for your Golden Triangle Tour.

It is an entirely different experience to see a place from the air. You should experience the Golden Triangle’s magical hot air balloon ride to explore fairytale palaces and forts in Jaipur.

This is an excellent activity for romantic moments with your partner.

Enjoy the excitement of a hot-air balloon ride over historical landmarks and stunning desert landscapes.

12. Jeep safaris will get your adrenaline pumping

Enjoy the thrill of riding open jeeps through Jaipur’s rural terrains.

You will be captivated by the array of colours that surround you as you drive through these villages. You can wander through the desert landscape and take part in desert safaris.

13. The block printing is fantastic!

You can explore the local artisans and arts on the Golden Triangle tour. You can experience the fantastic hand-block printing at Sanganer Village, Jaipur.

You can see the skilled artisans making hand block printing.

14. Elephant Farm in Jaipur

Enjoy a great time with the majestic elephants at Jaipur’s Elephant Farm. The farm also offers elephant rides and interaction with the friendly mammal.

Have you ever wanted to play in the water with pachyderms? They will be available to bathe, feed and pet you.

15. Step in Chand Baori

Abhaneri is a village located near Jaipur that houses one of the most stunning architectural structures in the area. The architectural wonder that is the step-well Chand Baori is genuinely breathtaking.

This impressive structure is home to a network of 3500 symmetrical steps spread over 13 floors.

This beauty was constructed in the 9th Century.

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