If you are a budding entrepreneur who has an immense amount of self-belief and who wants to achieve great things in life, then these two non-fiction books mentioned below are for you. Read on to find out!

The Worst Business Model In the World by Danny Schuman

Old school people believe that the model mentioned in the book The Worst Business Model is outdated but the real entrepreneurs understand the true worth behind this model. The author Danny Schuman says that the only downside of this model is that it is a bit chaotic. Successful people believe that the only thing worth doing in life is to live it fully and on one’s own terms. That is why you must have seen many entrepreneurs despising the nine to five work culture. They believe in working smart and not working hard. And they also know that creative freedom cannot be achieved in a nine to five work culture. Therefore, from the very beginning they decide to pursue something of their own.

By now you must have understood that this model is for all those people who need creative freedom but still want to earn a decent amount to pursue their dreams. The business model mentioned in The Worst Business Model In the Worldis defined as Us Doing Our Thing and it was designed by an entrepreneur Danny Schuman. The two most important factors included in this model are- understanding what you are good at and understanding what you are passionate about. If two of these factors get fulfilled then you are all set to start a journey on the UDOT model. This model is as simple as doing what you love and understanding the rest of it as it comes.

The UDOT model’s prime concern isn’t about optimising profit or predicting and controlling risk rather it is about making your own definition of success, living in the present and most importantly doing what makes you happy. The UDOT model is all about building yourself up along with helping others in need. The model is all about sharing your resources and ending all the greed. The next thing that forms the core of the UDOT model is about learning something new each day and focusing on expanding mental horizons.

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It has been wisely said that a person receives what he gives. The author truly believes in this saying and advises the young entrepreneurs to genuinely help as many people as possible. If you are inspired by this model and want to learn more, then you can read audiobook summaries available on this topic on various book summaries sites.

Play Bigger by Al Ramadan, David Peterson, Christopher Lochhead and Kevin Maney

Play Bigger written by authors Al Ramadan, David Peterson, Christopher Lochhead and Kevin Maney is about doing extensive market research and then coming up with a new product category that will be noticed by your target audience. This booklays down the strategies and techniques that will help you find the right product for your business. Not only this, it will also guide on how to play bigger and establish a monopoly with this new product category.

If you want to do an in-depth research on this topic, then you can opt for a free audiobook with text which is very easily available on various book summaries sites.

The first tactic that the author states is, observing every little thing and working on developing a unique product out of the things that are around us. For the world to buy a new product,first  an entrepreneur has to generate a demand for that product.

The second strategy that the author wants budding entrepreneurs to adopt is patience. Why? Because no product trends in a day. Every aspect needs time. Until that idea reaches the common man, an entrepreneur must wait.

Now coming to the practical part of it. How to find the right product category that will suit your business and will also create a sensation in the market? Doing extensive research and market insights can help an entrepreneur reach his/ her destination.

Storytelling is an art that is appreciated and loved by all old or young, IT specialists or art lovers, entrepreneurs or nine to five workers. Story has the power to attract and hold people’s attention. So the fourth tactic that the author states is realising the power of storytelling and using it to your advantage. Thinking of how it can be implemented? You can promote the product with the help of a well-formed story to hold market attention. The product must be considered a sort of miracle by the target clients.

Play Bigger offers many such tactics for the budding entrepreneurs. These tactics and points are also available in various audiobook summaries of this book.

Bonus tip offered by the author is to hire a dedicated and motivated workforce that is as passionate about the product as you are. The author believes that a successful business can never be built if the workforce behind it is not passionate. It is super important for a business to encourage their workforce and make them understand your goals.

By Hemant Kumar

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