There are many household pests that you need to watch out for, particularly if you’re a homeowner. Carpet moths, also called clothes moths, can cause serious damage to your home.

But how do you know if carpet months have invaded your home? Read on to find out about the signs you might have carpet moths.

1. Patches in The Fabric

If you start finding threadbare spots on the carpeting in your home without any other reasons they could be occurring, it’s likely you have a carpet moth infestation.

It’s important to understand what causes carpet moths before you start the process of getting rid of them. That way, you’ll be able to take the best possible approach to freeing your home from carpet moths.

When you’re trying to avoid carpet moths, consider what type of materials your rugs are made of. Some materials are more prone to carpet moths than others. Carpet moths are attracted to dampness, so keep your floors and carpets dry whenever possible.

2. You See Moths

Have you been seeing a lot of moths in your home, particularly around your rugs? This could be a sign that carpet moths have invaded your carpeting.

You should try and identify different types of carpet moths, so you can compare how they look to the moths you’ve been seeing around your home. Most adult carpet moths have a large grey stripe across their upper body and a lighter grey carpet on the bottom of their body.

You should also look out for larvae. Look under the rug, and see if there are eggs or larvae stuck in the fibers. The larvae tend to look like teeny tiny little caterpillars in your carpet.

3. Webbing or Particles

Eggs and larvae aren’t the only things that moths leave behind. You may see sand-like material in your rug, which is one of the signs of carpet moths.

You may also see webbing around the material of your rugs. The cocoons of carpet moths can also be found, but they can be hard to recognize. That’s because the moths can disguise the cocoons to match the color of the carpet. So, you’ll have to look very carefully. Once you find the cocoons, you’ll be able to start getting rid of carpet moths.

There are some things you can do if your carpet moth infestation is minor. Cleaning your rugs thoroughly can get rid of eggs and larvae that cause the carpet moth infestation to linger.

However, if you have a significant amount of carpet moths or they’ve spread throughout your home, you’ll probably want to hire a professional pest removal services.

Fight Your Carpet Moths Today

Now that you can tell whether or not you have carpet moths, you’ll be able to fight them effectively and keep your carpets safe.

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