There are a few factors why we’d like to have a NOMOS user manual. First and foremost, they are a new business, which may not sound like much, but for a business that was formed in 1990, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and released four watches a year later in 1991, they’ve made quite a splash in the watch market. So, they’re under the age of 30, but they’re smashing it.

They are a self-contained producer which means they create their movements in-house, which is a significant accomplishment. Maybe you’d like to try other brands but are concerned about consistency, or maybe you’ve already settled on a NOMOS watch but are a novice and want to learn what you can before making a purchase. You can depend on us to answer these questions you might have. In this article, we’ll go through three relevant buying ideas for NOMOS Glashutte watches.

1. Consider Your Personality

Knowing your style is important for any fan, owner, or watch user. This will assist you in identifying the attributes you are looking for in a watch. As a result, in this section, we’ll present four NOMOS Glashutte collections that are certain to pique your curiosity.

NOMOS Tangente

The Tangente is among the company’s four original watches, and it has the greatest iconic appearance. It features angular lugs, a sharp case style, and a Bauhaus-inspired dia. Today, you have a choice of 22 different versions, some of which have a date complication. You can get one with the Neomatik or Alpha caliber, and it has all of the legacies that you’d expect from a NOMOS watch among the three collections listed. If you like watches with a simple design, the Tangente is really for sure.


The Nomos Orion is another of the four original Nomos models, and it’s here that Suzanne Gunther seems to have strayed from her grand idea. The case of the Nomos Orion is with long elegant lugs and is rather curvy. It almost looks like a UFO or spaceship, and the Bauhaus Arabic numerals have been replaced with cleanly applied stick indices on the dial, resulting in a much more ascetic and polished dial the blends that case so well.


This is one of the newer ones that came out after the first four. You can purchase one of Neomatik’s 13 exclusive versions, which come in a variety of colors. Metro is ideal for people who enjoy wearing high-end versions because it is available in valuable metals. Metro is a unique watch because, while being different from Tangente or Orion, its elegant style manages to remain conventionally NOMOS.

NOMOS Tangomat

The Tangomat is up ahead. This takes us to 2005, and the Tangomat is a Tangente concept with the latest Epsilon automatic caliber developed in-house. Many of the classic Nomos design features are still there. The Bauhaus dial with Arabic numerals and text, as well as the sharp case and classic lugs.

2. Know Your Size

Small cases in the 27-33mm range must be accommodating for wearers with slim wrists. Watches with a diameter of 38-41mm are suitable for those with wider wrists. It’s important to note that some watch wearers with thin wrists prefer larger watches and vice versa, but it’s entirely up to them. Tangente’s focal length is 35-42 mm, Metro’s is 33-39 mm, and Orion’s is 33-41 mm. If you have slim wrists, you can certainly choose versions from other sets.  You can still find a NOMOS Glashutte watch that suits your wrist perfectly.

3. Learn the Fascinating Story of the Watch

Did you happen to notice that NOMOS Glashutte Tangente 33 duo Reference 120/127, begins at just $1440? If you’re looking for a more expensive watch, the Orion 33 Reference 321/322 begins at just 1,920 USD.

Many people seem perplexed as to how NOMOS Glashutte watches continue to remain inexpensive. Isn’t this something that other companies have done as well, making some of their watches more cost-effective? NOMOS is unique in that they’re just a self-contained producer. That implies, like bigger brands such as Patek Philippe and Rolex, they design and manufacture their own “in-house” escapements and movements. Being an autonomous maker, however, is remarkable for a watch brand as youthful as NOMOS.

While being new to the market, a business with 13 separate collections and in-house movements like Rolex continues to sell at fantastic and fair prices. And this continues to astound the watchmaking industry as well as enthusiastic watch fashionistas.

In a Nutshell

The NOMOS Glashutte price is merely a bonus when it comes to NOMOS watches. What you’re getting is a new breed of works of art from a brand with modest roots but record-breaking success. So, if you have any questions or want to read much more about the features and specifications of other models, go directly to their website for great discounts and offers.

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