Are you hoping to set up a home gym? When you’re trying to convert your basement into a workout zone, you’ll need to invest in key equipment. But knowing what to get and how to approach the process can feel daunting.

Fortunately, there is help! Read on to find 3 tips for buying essential home gym equipment.

1. Home Gym Ideas Should Include Resistance Training

When you’re plotting home gym ideas, don’t exclude strength training from the mix. While aerobics might produce more visible sweat, strength training will boost your metabolism. And it will help sculpt your body!

With some simple equipment, you can start a routine of bodybuilding exercises that will have you looking toned. Just be sure to commit to doing strength training at least once a week, but ideally at least twice. And give your body a break between strength training days.

You can opt for resistance bands for an inexpensive solution. You’ll wrap or tie them and use your body’s weight to create resistance when you do bicep curls and other exercises. You could also get dumbbells and kettlebells in varying weights.

2. Know Your Budget for Essential Home Gym Equipment

While you might want a treadmill with all the bells and whistles, can you afford it? Be clear on your budget before you purchase any home gym equipment. Be aware that you can get a complete workout without pouring thousands into equipment.

For instance, a solid treadmill could start at $1,000. If you love walking or running, this may be a worthwhile home gym machine to purchase. But there are other ways to work up a sweat.

Give your quads a workout on a stationary bike that costs under $200. Choose from a recumbent option or standard, and choose one that folds if you’re low on space. You can stash it in the closet when not in use.

Or you might want to invest in a subscription to workout videos online. Play them on your television, and buy a gym mat or step so you can do step routines or dance workouts in your living room!

3. Find a Home Gym Machine You’ll Actually Use

When the winter weather makes an outdoor workout impossible, what will you do? Think about the types of exercises you’re most likely to stick with before handing over your credit card. The best home gym equipment is equipment you’ll actually use!

A rowing machine exercises nearly every part of your body and can last forever. A treadmill affords both walking and jogging. And an elliptical machine is a low-impact fitness solution.

Try out options at a store if you can. And figure out which exercise will keep you motivated!

Get the Best Home Gym Equipment

When you invest in essential home gym equipment, you set yourself up with a cost-effective way to stay healthy. Be clear on your budgetary limitations and goals. And know that you can develop a trimmer physique without spending a fortune!

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By Hemant Kumar

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