We’ve all captured moments we want to cherish with our cameras. Whether it’s a photo of your child’s high school graduation or a friend’s birthday party, everybody wants to remember these special occasions.

These days, you have a lot of options for displaying photos. For example, you can print custom wallpaper or set the lock-screen images on your devices—ensuring these amazing captures stay with you constantly.

But when it comes to creating an artistic display in your home or office, nothing beats framed photos. There is a vast array of photo frame styles, each complementing your pictures in different ways.

So, how can you choose the best frames for your photos? Below, we explore the three most popular photo frames available today.

1. A Floating Frame for Framed Photos

Floating frames have a unique look that immediately draws attention to framed photo prints.

This option uses clear glass or acrylic instead of a framing mat, making the photo appear to float out from the wall.

Floating frames are an ideal option for displaying your most prized pieces. Do you have photo prints that you absolutely adore? If yes, this frame ensures these prints receive the attention they deserve.

These frames also work well for large pieces. Look for a substantial photo frame size to create the most impact.

2. Deep-Set Frames

Deep-set picture frames use a thick mat and a deep frame to draw the viewer’s gaze inward. As a result, you get the sense that you’re being drawn into the image.

This frame style can take you out of your location and into another. The unique profile of this frame also adds dimension to the image by creating shadows.

So, what types of pictures work best for this frame? Deep-set frames often work best for showcasing landscapes or travel photos. Think of a place you’ve been that captivated you.

Maybe it was a gorgeous sunset picture you took at the beach. Perhaps it’s a European castle or landscape shot of the mountains. Wherever it may be, choose images that transport you back to the place in question.

Once you find the right photo, consider where you want to place the frame in your home. They often look best above a mantle or shelf. It’s also easier to display these frames without hanging them.

Lastly, consider staggering other decorations around the frame. This will provide extra depth and layering to the image.

3. Gallery Frames

Gallery frames feature a traditional mat to create an elevated look standard in museums and galleries. They’re often made of hardwood or faux-hardwood, which gives them a natural, soothing appearance.

These frames make excellent wall photo holders. Use them to create a gallery wall of your most prized images. We recommend grouping a minimum of four photos in your gallery wall display.

Find the Best Frames For Your Photos

These three are some of the best options on the market for framed photos. Each provides a unique view ideally suited to different aesthetics. So, find the frames that work best for your goals.

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By Hemant Kumar

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