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Have you ever thought of visiting Cyprus? Well, the destination is one of the most desirable places on earth. Every year, many people visit the island. In 2019 alone, the number of tourist arrivals recorded was 3.2 million.

This is a place where the sun shines almost the entire year. The sandy beaches are also too beautiful, with their clean waters. The scenic oceanic site quickly takes your breath away. And, the most beautiful part is that you’re well-received into the town with incredibly warm and friendly hosts.

The Cypriot food is delicious and one of the healthiest. It’s why the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks Cyprus as a country with a very high life expectancy. Often, visitors look forward to moments of enjoying the mouth-watering and healthy diet.

The beauty is that tourists who enjoyed their stay there can even get a second passport. This is a significant reason why the country has become an attraction site for many. It offers one of the fastest citizenship by investment programs. 

Most tourists choose the second passport program because you don’t need to spend your time living in Cyprus to apply for citizenship. Instead, you only have to have the residence permit for six months before the application is completed.

One benefit of citizenship by investment is free movement. Once you buy a second passport, you have the freedom to travel throughout the European countries without a visa. Such countries include China, Russia, and 100 plus other countries.

Furthermore, the Cypriot immigration investment is fast and efficient in granting the second passport programs and residency permits. Thus, successful applicants have the freedom to work, study and live anywhere within the EU countries like France, Germany, and the UK.

Our article below explores further the reasons why Cyprus is an excellent destination for tourists. Let’s find out.

  1. Cyprus Is Known as One of the Healthiest Countries

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It’s hard not to stick to healthy eating when you’re in Cyprus. Bloomberg Global Health Index ranks the country as one of the healthiest places to reside in the entire world. Out of 163 countries, Cyprus is ranked the 18th healthiest nation.

This statistic alone has made many people want to tour the place to discover more about their healthy lifestyles. Perhaps you may ask yourself, why are Cypriots so healthy? 

First, these people value a highly nutritious diet. Mostly, their meals are rich in fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) and lean meat and fish, sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil. This is the reason why Cypriots are very healthy. It’s also why the country has a high life expectancy rate. 

Second, Cypriots have a very free-spirited nature. They tend to live happy and content lives. And, they take things easy, a situation they refer to as “halara.” This contributes remarkably to their overall physical and mental wellbeing.

  1. The Country Offers Some of the Tastiest Meals in the World

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Have you ever wondered why Cypriots are very healthy with such a high life expectancy? Well, this is due to the healthy Mediterranean diet. They tend to follow the Cypriot dietary guidelines. Tourists visiting the place can never miss enjoying the delicious and healthy meals.

The Cypriots love fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, whole foods, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices. Seafood well-cooked with the recommended olive oil and prepared with traditional recipes tops it all. 

The meals are mouth-watering. Visitors are almost sure to enjoy healthy foods when in Cyprus.

These foods are also ideally suited to the warm climate.

Some of the tastiest and unique Cypriot meals that tourists also enjoy include:

  • Halloumi

Halloumi is a traditional food that Cypriots adore. This is a soft-textured and white-colored cheese made from goat or sheep milk. The Cypriots like eating it with wine. They also enjoy taking it with watermelon.

The cheese can also be served with dried apricots, almonds, and olive bread dipped in virgin olive oil.

  • Often Kleftiko

This is roasted lamb meat. It’s a traditional food made from lamb leg meat. The people love marinating it in olive oil, onion, garlic, and lemon.

  • Tarhana

Tarhana is a dried mixture of milk, yogurt, and wheat. Trahanas are mainly used to make soup known as ‘Trahanosoupa.’ 

The soup is one of the healthiest diets in the Mediterranean region. This is because of its positive effect on people’s digestive systems. It mainly consists of milk, Trahan’s, and feta cheese.

  • Loukoumades

These are honey dough balls mostly taken during outdoor festivals or local celebrations.

After enjoying mouth-watering portions of ‘souvlaki,’ you get thrilled to try out these golden honey dumplings.

  • Tzatziki or Talatouri

This is a yogurt spread that’s famous for its light and creamy taste. The healthy spread consists of white Greek yogurt, mint, cucumbers, olive oil, and garlic.

  1. The Country Has the Most Pleasant Climate All Through the Year

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The weather in Cyprus is highly favorable. The people there enjoy long summers, mild winters, and short autumn and spring seasons. 

Therefore, the typical Mediterranean climate becomes attractive, especially to people in continents like Europe, who wish to run away from the unpleasant weather in their countries. 

Even amidst the mild winter period in Cyprus, you still enjoy at least six hours of bright and warm sunshine every day. This makes visitors enjoy their stay there and benefit from a pleasant climate all through the year.

  1. It’s a Destination Filled With Peace and Celebrations

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Cyprus is considered one of the most peaceful places on earth. It’s a refuge that hosts immigrants from the neighboring war-afflicted countries. 

You can hardly resist the friendliness of the locals. While there, you’ll see friends exchanging lengthy pleasantries and giving each other some affectionate pecks.

You’ll also find the Turkish Cypriots enjoying a good time in colorful festivals that everyone participates in. Some of the fun-filled events include:

  • The walnut festival
  • Memetçik grape celebration
  • Olive fêtes
  • Agri Cyprus fair

This makes the country the ultimate destination of magnificent experiences where tourists go to create lasting memories.

Key Takeaways

Cyprus is a small island, yet full of exciting history. The remains of ancient palaces, tombs, and fortresses have made the town one of the world’s most desirable tourist destinations. The sunny and sandy beaches make tourists go there to seek pleasure. 

The town has gorgeous beaches to stretch out and unwind. It’s referred to as the island of beauty and fascination. You get to have calmer and unforgettable moments of pleasure. You get to relax by the beachside and eat the yummy cheese, or drink wine, as you admire the beauty all around. 

Furthermore, their vibrant culture is enticing; you can hardly resist interacting with the diverse and alluring Mediterranean art and music forms. 

And to sum it up all, you can enjoy the benefits of citizenship by investment. Once you enter into the European citizenship by investment program, you’re free to live, study and work within the EU countries.

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