If you are planning to enhance the security of your home, why not invest in a good security door. These doors are specially designed to ensure maximum security level as well as increase the aesthetics of your house. Nowadays, you can find security doors that are available in various colours, designs and patterns.  As a homeowner, you must make a sound decision that guarantees complete safety of your premises while also matching up to the aesthetic level of your house. Here we will highlight the types of security doors and its benefits.

Benefits of security doors

Adding a security door to your premises solves several purposes:

  1. It increases the security of the premises. Most of the security doors are made of steel or aluminium, which are sturdy and durable materials.
  1. Enhances the aesthetics appeal of the house. Just because these are security doors, it does not mean they cannot be stylish. You can get it customized as per your requirement.
  1. Increases the value of the property as there is a guarantee of security of the premises with security doors.
  1. If you invest in the mesh screen door, it not only ensures the space’s safety but also keeps the room well-ventilated. 

Four popular categories of security doors

  1. Single security doors– If you are looking for a door with the sole objective of adding security, then the single door is a popular choice. Contrary to the misnomer, you can find some variations in this type of door. The basic one includes a vertical bar design. You can easily purchase these doors from big box stores or the distribution, but to get the best deal and assured quality, you can turn to the manufacturer who can guarantee you the best quality and rates. They can also provide you with the warranty of their products. Besides, the manufacturer can also customize the door to suit the exterior decor of your house. It important that you check the prices of different manufacturers before placing the order.
  1. Double security doors- If your house is designed with a sliding door or double door entry, then the double security doors would be the right choice for you. The basic look and functioning of the double doors are like that of a single door, except for the fact that it has two doors. Also, you can find different options in the design and colours of double doors. These security doors can be customized based on the exterior décor of the house and you can choose the right design and pattern. 
  1. Mesh doors– If you do not want to get into adding security doors, then mesh security screen doors are a good choice. Do not confuse the simplistic design of this door with its sturdiness; these are made of steel or aluminium and are extraordinarily strong. Apart from providing protection, the mesh design also ensures complete ventilation in the house. Some companies also provide the provision of adding a glass panel which gives the mesh doors a classier appeal. 
  1. Laser Doors– These take the security and aesthetics of the door to the next level. There are some pre-existing templates, and if you want to customize them, then you can co-work on this and create a design that matches your requirement. These are available in single and double panels. So, based on your preferences, you can choose the right type. 


We hope the information that we have shared about security doors helps you in making a sound design. If you have not invested in one, then it’s time to find a suitable manufacturer and get the best and sturdy security door for your premises. 

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!