The transition from living in your home to an assisted living home can be challenging for everyone. Although it isn’t something everyone looks forward to, there are ways to make a nursing home room feel more like home.

We’ve got some useful homey decorating tips that’ll help you personalize your assisted living community room in no time. Start feeling like you never left home after you check out these 4 ideas below.

1. Hang Up Photos

Nothing makes a memory care center feel more like home than hanging up photos of your loved ones. Before you move, gather some photos and find frames for them that can be placed around your room.

On the days when you’re missing home, you can turn to these photos and feel as if your family’s there with you. After all, home is wherever your family is, right? 

We also recommend placing some of the photos in areas like your dresser and on the bedside table located near your bed.

2. Get Comfy

There’s nothing homey feeling about the bedding provided by the nursing home facility. This is why you need to bring some from home.

Find comfortable bedding that’ll keep you warm when you’re tucked in at night. Another thing to think about is purchasing some pillows to go on the bed.

You can have as many pillows as you want and it’ll help your room feel like it’s really yours, which it is.

We do recommend you have two different types of bedding comforters, one that’s heavier for the winter months and one that’s lighter when it begins to warm up. The last thing you want to do is not have what you need to rest comfortably at night.

3. Grab Some Plugins

Is there a specific scent you’re known to spray throughout your home? If so, you should purchase some plugins and an insert that matches that scent as closely as possible.

When you live in an assisted living community, you aren’t able to have open flames because they’re potential fire hazards, but no one said anything about plugins. Plugins are a great way to play on your senses and can trigger happy memories attached to them.

4. Decorate the Door

One of the best ways to make an assisted living home feel like home is to decorate the door. You can do this by adding a monogrammed sign or wreath to the door to let people know who lives there.

Whenever you come in and out of your room, you’ll know you’re home with this wonderful decoration.

Personalize a Nursing Home Room

When it comes to your nursing home room, there are tons of ways to decorate to truly make it feel like home. You can decorate the door or add photos of your family on the walls.

Whatever you do, remember the people within the facility will do whatever it takes to help you adjust.

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By Hemant Kumar

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