90% of houses in the United States use air conditioning. This percentage increases greatly during the summer, but it can drop in winter.

Air conditioners are smart and essential gadgets in every home. They help to cool your house and make it more comfortable when the temperatures rise. They can also heat your house when the days get colder.

However, air conditioners will only be effective if they don’t develop any problems. Here are air conditioner problems that every homeowner should know.

1. Water Leak

If you notice that water is leaking from the home air conditioner unit, then there’s a problem. One of the main causes of air conditioner leakage is clogging caused by fungus or algae. Another common reason is that the system got destroyed entirely and you need to get a new one.

A technician can come to your home and fix the water leakage. You can also do the AC repairs yourself by unclogging the condensate pipe with a dry or wet vacuum. Once you’ve unclogged the pipe, you’ll sprinkle some vinegar into the pipe to destroy algae and fungi.

2. AC Failing to Turn On

It can be very frustrating if you wake up and discover that you can’t turn on your air conditioner. You may try to reduce the temperature of the thermostat, but it still won’t respond.

This problem typically becomes apparent when you trip the circuit breaker and break it. Loose wiring and a faulty thermostat can also prevent your AC from turning on.

This is a problem that you’ll solve by hiring an electrical expert. It’s extremely dangerous to repair electrical wiring if you don’t have electrical expertise. If you don’t have the money to pay the electrician, you can get financing from Bad Credit Air Conditioner Financing.

3. Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant liquid comes in handy when you are trying to reduce the temperature of the air in your home AC system. If the refrigerant isn’t working properly, the efficiency of your AC unit will drop. In addition, the refrigerant can pollute the environment and even lead to health problems.

If only a tiny amount of the refrigerant is leaking, you’ll have to do a minor fix. However, if large amounts of refrigerant leaks are falling from the pipes, then you may have to change the entire network. This means that you have to get a new refrigerant.

4. Insufficient or Lack of Cool Air

There may be little or no air flowing from the air conditioner. The AC will be on and running, but there will be no air coming from the machine. This is usually a simple problem that you can fix by reconnecting the circuit breaker.

5. Short Cycling AC Issues

Your AC may be turning on and off by itself. Once you have put it on, it turns itself off before it has completed the cooling cycle.

This problem is usually a result of a clogged air filter. A plumbing expert can check your air conditioner and fix the problem.

Learn Common Air Conditioner Problems and How to Solve Them

Air conditioners are important machines in any home or office. However, they can only work if they don’t have any problems. That is why you must know the common air conditioner problems.

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