Granny Flat

Have you ever thought about living in a granny flat? Do you fancy having a bit of extra space in your home? A granny flat might be the answer. These homes are usually smaller than regular houses; however, they have their own entrance, kitchen, and bathroom. This means that if you are planning to downsize, then granny flats could be the perfect solution for you! For some of the fabulous granny flat design ideas, get in touch with Granny Flat Solutions. They are equipped with an experienced team who has been custom designing and constructing high-quality Granny Flats for almost 4 decades and treat every job as if it was our own.

In This Blog Post, I Will Talk About 5 Amazing Granny Flat Design Ideas That You Might Want To Consider.

The Enclosed Granny Flats

If you’re thinking about building some kind of enclosure around your garden or patio area, these enclosed granny flats could be ideal for you. These designs mean you can enjoy your garden all year round without worrying about weather conditions. You will also benefit from less noise pollution because the door is sealed with glass.

Enclosed granny flats come in different sizes, but they tend to be approximately 10ft by 10ft in size. They usually have an insulated roof which helps keep them cool during summer. 

The Attached Granny Flats

The attached granny flat is probably an appealing granny flat style as it gives you the best of both worlds. Your main house has the added benefit of more storage space while enjoying the benefits of using the space outside.

The bonus of an attached granny flat is that you’ll be able to share in the maintenance costs of your property. If you plan on purchasing or renovating your main residence – whether it’s a new build or an existing home – you’ll need to factor in the maintenance costs. If you choose to install an attached granny flat, you won’t have to worry about any of those costs other than those related to electricity. 

The Floating Granny Flats

Floating granny flats look great when installed over a patio or deck. When you purchase floating granny flats, you don’t even have to worry about putting up scaffolding, as there isn’t anything to put in place. All you need to do is remove the floorboards from inside your house and connect the floating structure directly to the ground.

The Semi-Framed Granny Flats

A semi-framed house looks like a traditional framed house, except it has a slight lean towards the side. As such, this type of house allows you to have a larger opening at the front. This makes sure that you still get plenty of natural light inside the house.

You may find that you prefer semi-framed grannies over ones that are fully frameless because a semi-frame house seems to fit better into a particular kind of layout. For example, the semi-framed granny flat design pictured above would work well with a traditional layout where you want the kitchen and dining room close to each other. However, it would be harder to fit into a modern layout where the kitchen is much further away from the rest.

The Ground Level Granny Flats

Ground-level granny flats are precisely what their name says. They are built on the ground, meaning they aren’t high off the ground. This means that you’ll be getting more sunlight through the windows. You can also add plants to the ground-level granny flat if you wish.

There’s no point in installing a ground-level granny flat, however, unless you actually intend to live in it. Otherwise, you might end up living with the feeling that something is missing. 

The Bottom Line 

Whether you decide to go for one of the five designs mentioned here or another option, consider a granny flat first. Once you know how much money you’re willing to spend and how big you want the finished product to be, you’ll be able to compare prices. And once you’ve found an affordable option, you can start planning, making sure you buy enough materials for your project. 

By Hemant Kumar

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