Starting your own business is a fundamental part of the great American dream. But, while some side hustles might be small-scale enough to set up at home, often you’ll need some kind of space to operate your business from. 

This is where shipping containers can offer a cost-effective, secure, and sustainable solution. Thanks to their dimension and square footage, shipping containers are also space-efficient. They can also be customized or even stacked to create any kind of design or layout imaginable, making them the perfect place to kickstart your small business dreams. 

Want to know what businesses you can start in a shipping container? Keep reading to find out!

1. Food Truck

Do you have dreams of starting a food truck business? If so, opting for a food truck in a shipping container could be a wiser choice. While shipping containers are still portable, they work better in permanent and semi-permanent locations than cramped food trucks. Plus, containers are more comfortable to work from, offer dining space when necessary, and are far more affordable, as you can find out if you click here

2. Repair Shop

Whether you’re a skilled mechanic or an IT whizz, a shipping container is the perfect location to set up your own repair shop. After all, you won’t need much space to serve clients and tinker away. And, the industrial locking mechanisms and sturdy exterior make for a great place to keep your business secure out of hours. 

3. Coffee Bar

When even large corporations like Starbucks are getting in on the shipping container trend, you know it’s now or never to launch your shipping container coffee bar and cafe business. Coffee shops don’t need a ton of space to establish a loyal customer base, especially since most people opt for take-out coffee these days. But, in case you need it, you’ll find more than enough room in a container for a few tables and chairs as well as storage and counter space. 

4. Real Estate Office 

Most realtors are often out and about, showing properties to prospective clients in various locations. As such, while you won’t need a sprawling office to set up your own real estate business, a shipping container provides the perfect hub for agents to meet with clients, work on admin tasks, and finalize contracts. 

5. Plant Shop

Shipping containers have the edge on traditional buildings for a plant shop or nursery businesses when it comes to outdoor functionality. Containers are also easy to customize as a way to maximize sunlight and open outdoor areas within the space while still offering the convenience of a physical store location. 

Businesses You Can Start in a Shipping Container

As these great ideas for businesses you can start in a container show, it’s now all the more possible to turn your small business dream into a reality. 

That said, this is by no means an exhaustive list. With so many advantages to using a shipping container as your business base, there are plenty of different enterprises you can start in a container!

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By Hemant Kumar

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