Are you new to lawn mowing? If so, here are a few tips you need to know to avoid common lawn mowing mistakes.

First, always wear ear protection and don’t cut the grass too short. Also, never cut wet grass and keep your blade sharp.

Do you know why? If not, don’t worry. It’s all explained in the guide below.

In addition, we’ll explain how short is “too short” when cutting your grass. Plus, you’ll learn how often you should be mowing your grass and sharpening your mower blade. 

Ready to learn more? Read on to discover how and why to avoid these common lawn mowing mistakes.

1. Cutting Too Short

Cutting your lawn too short is commonly known as scalping. The reason this is a problem is that the blades of the grass are responsible for photosynthesis. This is how the grass converts sunlight into energy. 

The energy harnessed by the blades is used to grow healthy, strong roots. Thus, when you cut the grass too short, the grass grows weak. This allows weeds and other lawn invaders to take over.

The ideal height to set your blade at is 3 inches. You may have to adjust it when you mow certain, contoured areas of your lawn that are still getting scalped.

2. Damaging Your Ears

Lawnmowers are loud enough to damage your hearing by the time the lawn is finished. If you always mow without ear protection, you will definitely suffer permanent hearing loss eventually.

The safest ear protection to use is earplugs. Sound-blocking earbuds or over-ear headphones work, too. Feel free to listen to music as you mow, provided that the decibel level is still low enough to prevent hearing damage.

3. Cutting Wet/Long Grass

Cutting wet grass causes the blade to stick to the grass, making for an uneven cut. The wet cuttings can also junk up your mower.

Also, grass is very difficult to mow when it’s wet. Specifically, the cuttings are too heavy to stay in the mower bag so they fall back on the lawn. Then, as you trample back over it, the heavy, wet cuttings compress the living grass underneath and block out the sun.

This also happens when the grass is too long. Mow your grass every week to avoid this. If your grass is already very long, you’ll just have to stop every few minutes to empty the cuttings bag.

4. Cutting With a Dull Blade

Mowing with a dull blade tears and injures the grass rather than cutting it evenly. This can weaken your lawn and make it susceptible to pests and diseases.

5. Doing It Yourself

If you have a very big lawn and you don’t have a riding lawnmower, mowing by yourself is probably more trouble than it’s worth. It’s more convenient and sometimes cheaper to hire a professional lawn care company, like these services.

Remember These Tips to Avoid Lawn Mowing Mistakes

Don’t let your lawn come to ruin. Keep this guide handy and use this information to avoid these lawn mowing mistakes.

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By Hemant Kumar

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