A registered Behaviour Technician (RBT) is a person who has gone through education and training on different behavior analyst seminars and courses. So what is RBT?

An RBT is an individual with a skill set that’s vital in many areas including those working in the hospital environment or people handling mentally challenged individuals.

Below are 5 duties of a Registered Behavioral Technician:

  1. They help people in developing social skills

People with autism often face a lot of difficulty in socializing. They can’t make friends easily like other normal people. This is where behavior technicians come in. Their work is to help such individuals learn certain social skills that make it easy for them to cope with the world.

This is particularly important when children are young and want to go to school. Considering the fact that schools are social places, it is important for a registered behavior technician to help such children gain relevant social skills that will enable them to interact with others.

  1. They offer family guidance

A family is the most important unit of society. When the structure of a family crumbles, the whole society is in trouble. But with the help of registered behavior technicians, families can receive the right kind of guidance and counseling and raise responsible citizens. Therapists use methods such as empathic training to create a path that people can take to prevent worrying relationships.

In most cases, families end up in a mess due to a lack of proper guidance from the right people. The good thing about registered behavior technicians is that they use a variety of methods to solve problems.

  1. They train or prepare people for employment

In some cases, people with autism tend to have extraordinary abilities that make them unique. For instance, some of them have a perfect memory or love working with numbers. When such people get employed, they turn out to be excellent performers. The work of a behavior technician is to assist such individuals to identify their skills and help them get employed.

  1. Behavior reduction

As mentioned earlier, a registered behavior technician specializes in working with people who have behavioral issues. These issues usually make them act in an abnormal way in society.

Under the supervision of a certified behavior analyst, the RBT can help reduce behavioral issues using different techniques. This is however not an easy job because the RBT is supposed to pick out the triggers leading to abnormal behavior.

  1. Reporting and documentation

Since registered behavior technicians normally work with a Board of Certified Behaviour Analysts, it is highly recommended that people being attended by the behavioral technician are documented for future reference.

Those records can assist in identifying areas of treatment that appear to be working and which ones are not responding to treatment.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a career that is challenging and at the same time extremely rewarding, becoming a registered behavior technician is something to consider. Being an RBT is a career that challenges the lives of people and that of society itself. You can take your first steps by checking out websites like AppliedBehaviorAnalysisEdu.org.

By Hemant Kumar

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