Are you living in a small apartment?

You’re not alone! Over the past few years, many people have moved into small apartments. They either look for Burbank apartments for rent if they reside in California or look for apartments in other cities or states they would like to move to. Whether it’s because of financial hardship or a desire to live in an urban environment, living in a small apartment brings with it its own set of challenges and opportunities.

Despite these challenges, living in a small apartment doesn’t mean you have to be cramped or uncomfortable. We want to help make your life easier by sharing some helpful tips for making the most of your tiny space.

So if you are thinking about moving into a smaller space or already call one home, consider these five tips for making the most out of your small apartment living space:

1. Think About How You Use Each Room

Think of the five senses when you’re thinking about how you want to use each room in your apartment. What can you see? How about the smell? Do you want soft textures or cool hard surfaces for touch? You could be eating, so what do you hear? And finally, what do you taste while living in your apartment?

Maybe there are some smells that would make it more comfortable for guests but aren’t necessarily pleasant for daily life. Let those influences go as soon as possible! There is nothing worse than being forced into a space that has odors or sounds that make you feel uncomfortable.

If you’re staying in an apartment for a long time, it’s easier to invest money into renovations that will improve your quality of life over time. However, if you’re going to be moving in the near future, it might be better to spend your budget on items that can be taken with you when you move.

Before thinking about furniture and décor, decide how much money you have to spend then write down a list of what’s most important for you to purchase or invest in.

2. How About the Walls?

If you’re literally living in your apartment, then you probably want some color on the walls to keep things light and fresh. What looks best on your walls isn’t necessarily what tastes best in your mouth. Think of how hungry you are when decorating, not just for style but also for practicality.

If you love bright colors, there is no need to put them all over if it’s too much for your eyesight. A few choices pop of color – like green plants on either side of the sofa – can help ease eye strain while still maintaining visual interest with contrasting colors. Just avoid any wallpaper with patterns; it can give you a headache.

3. Keep It Fresh

No matter how much time you spend cooking, having a well-stocked pantry is essential. Make sure your kitchen has all the ingredients for at least one recipe before moving in, and always keep staples like flour, sugar, oil, salt, and pepper so that you can cook daily if you’d like to.

If there’s not enough space to stock up on food or even appliances (think microwaves), then try other storage options around the apartment instead of underutilizing valuable counter space. Here are some ideas:

  • Hanging Mason jar pots
  • Coffee table
  • Under-bed storage

Often, introducing a coffee table or french dresser can add a bit of flair to your kitchen. You can also drill a few nails in the wall and hang your pots and pans on the wall if you like that look.

4. Always Think Practically, but Stay True to Yourself

If you are an environmentalist who wants to make your space eco-friendly, then by all means do it! Or maybe you are someone who likes modern décor. Or perhaps you’re the outdoorsy type who loves bringing nature into their apartment through plants.

Express yourself in what makes sense for each room, like using green plants in the kitchen because fresh herbs make cooking easier. But even if you want to bring nature inside, try not to go overboard with too many houseplants; they can get pricey quickly and your bank account will be more of a priority than having a jungle indoors.

5. Decorate With Things That Lighten up Your Mood

There is nothing worse than living in an apartment where everything makes you stressed out. If there is not enough room for comfortable seating or there are already regular noise complaints from your neighbors, then make sure you’ve got something around you that comforts and inspires instead of stresses and overwhelms.

Simple decorations like colorful wallpaper (that isn’t busy), good lighting, and comfortable seating can help ease tension and negative feelings you might have about your apartment.

If you are a landlord with renters in your apartment, here’s a quick guide on the reasons to evict a tenant.

How to Decorate Your Small Apartment Living Space?

There’s no need to sacrifice comfort for size! You can create a small apartment living space that suits your lifestyle and makes you happy by thinking practically with the layout, color scheme, textures, and smells/sounds of your surroundings.

When in doubt, think practically. But also express yourself as much as possible too! No matter how big or small your living space is though, make sure it’s a place where anyone would love to live!

Living small doesn’t have to mean being cramped, uncomfortable, or unhappy. Think about your senses to help guide you in decorating each room of your apartment so that it is functional and beautiful. Remember practicality first, but don’t be afraid to bring yourself into the equation too!

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