Did you know that 50% of American homes were built before the 1980s? 80% of homes were built before the year 2000. 

The older your home gets, the more repairs it might need. This is why you should know some of the home handyman services available in your area, in case you need them. 

This guide will go over some common handyman services you’ll probably want to know more about. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Plumbing 

First on the handyman services list is plumbing. Having issues with your plumbing can become a burden. You’ll have a higher water bill from any leaks and could also develop mold in your bathroom. 

Finding a leak is simple, but fixing it properly requires professional work. A handyman that knows how to handle plumbing repairs will fix your plumbing issues before they cause severe water damage. 

2. Carpentry Work

Carpentry can encompass all kinds of work. Having a handyman that specializes in general carpentry is vital to getting a job completed quickly. 

While you can try to DIY carpentry work, you don’t want to put together something the wrong way and put yourself at risk of injury. You can hire a handyman to put together a new bookcase, install shelves, or new doors. 

3. Electric Work

A residential handyman can help you when any electrical issues show up in your home. These types of jobs require special skills and equipment that only qualified workers have. 

Don’t attempt to do any electric work on your own, even if it seems simple. A handyman can help you with faulty breakers, they can replace light switches, and install light fixtures in your home, too. 

4. Gutter Cleaning 

Another handyman service you should consider using is a gutter cleaning service. Gutter cleaning is an important part of helping keep your home looking nice. It should be part of your yearly maintenance checklist. 

Dirty gutters can hold standing water, which can lead to mold and other structural damage. This isn’t a job you should try to take on by yourself, however.

Since your gutters are up on your roof, trying to do the job on your own can put your safety at risk. Hiring a handyman or company to do the job will help you maintain clean gutters and give you one less home maintenance task to worry about. 

5. Drywall Repair Services 

A general handyman can help you with any drywall repair you need in your home as well. Whether it’s a small dent or a hole, you don’t want to leave the wall without repair for too long. 

This isn’t a hard job to complete if the damage is small, but you do want a handyman with some experience in drywall to help you. They’ll make sure your wall looks brand new again. 

Know This List of Home Handyman Services

There are many home handyman services available to you if you need them. Gutter cleaning and plumbing work are some of the most common services.

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By Hemant Kumar

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