As of 2021, the Utah population is 3,310,774, a 20% increase from the year 2000. Utah is also the 4th fastest-growing state in the country.

Because Utah’s population is growing steadily, it has become an attractive destination for real estate investors. If you’re wondering about Utah real estate, you came to the right place.

Read on to learn why you should invest in Utah homes.

1. Growing Job Market

One of the main reasons you need to invest in the Utah real estate market is the steady job growth of the last few years. Millennials are flocking to Utah because there are many job opportunities and low unemployment rates.

Utah has an attractive job market because companies like Novell, EA Sports, Adobe, Vivint Solar, Omniture, and more have their headquarters there.

There are job opportunities for people with many different educational backgrounds and skill levels.

2. Rental Homes Demand

As we mentioned in a previous point, Utah is home to the headquarters of many different companies. Therefore, many recently relocated employees are looking for rental homes when they move to Utah.

Not to mention, Utah also has a strong university presence such as Brigham Young University, University of Utah, Westminster College, Utah Valley University, and more.

Because Utah has several prominent universities, this increases the need for student housing. The high demand for rental housing makes Utah an ideal place for real estate investing.

3. In Demand Destination

In recent years, Utah has become a popular destination as an attractive place to work or study and to visit. Utah has incredible nature, high-quality healthcare, and some of the best ski slopes.

Let’s not forget Utah is also an ideal place for short-term rentals as many cities don’t have any Airbnb regulations in place. However, a few cities such as Ogden require real estate investors to obtain a short-term rental vacation home permit.

4. The New Tech Hub

As we touched on a previous point, many companies are settling in Utah, which has turned Utah into a second tech hub. Forget about Silicon Valley. Utah is attracting more and more tech companies making it the Silicon Slopes.

Young tech professionals are moving to Utah to start their startups or begin their careers in one of the top tech companies in the Silicon Slopes.

5. Housing Variety

Those looking to invest in Utah rental properties will find that this state has a wide variety of housing. Property investors have the option to invest in homes of different eras, cabins, new homes, single-family homes, historic homes, multi-family apartments.

With the large selection of homes, real estate investors have the opportunity to build a diverse real estate portfolio in Utah.

Are You Ready to Invest in Utah Homes?

Now that you know the top reasons to invest in Utah homes, you’re ready for your next real estate move.

The Utah investment real estate market is ideal because it’s a top vacation destination, the employment market is booming, and it has become a tech hub in recent years.

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