The average American needs about 150 minutes of exercise per week to maintain a healthy and strong body. However, recent studies show that a shocking 80% of Americans don’t get the weekly exercise that they need.

Without the right amount of physical activity, you can be at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, just to name a few.

If you’re wondering how you can incorporate exercise into your weekly routine, you might be surprised to learn about the many health benefits of swimming.

Keep reading to learn about five impressive benefits of swimming while you wear your best designer swimwear and why you should make swimming part of your fitness routine.

1. Swimming Benefits Your Whole Body

One of the best reasons to swim is that it works out your entire body. It helps to increase your heart rate, build your strength, increase your endurance, and tone your muscles.

There are also many styles of swimming that help to work certain muscles in your body. The breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke focus on different parts of your body with gentle resistance.

2. Swimming Promotes Better Sleep

Another one of the impressive benefits of exercise, in general, is that it helps improve your sleep.

Engaging in aerobic exercise can help with insomnia and improve the duration of your sleep. Make exercise a regular part of your lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of better sleep and a better quality of life.

3. Swimming Improves Stress Management

Exercising helps your body produce chemicals that make your mind and body feel good. It helps to release the stress hormone cortisol while creating endorphins that boost your mood.

Go for a dip when you’re feeling stressed out and let your body release the stress.

4. Swimming Is Easy on the Joints

A great advantage of swimming exercises is that they are easy on the body and easy on your joints. Unlike high-intensity exercise, you don’t run the risk of putting too much pressure on your knees and joints.

Swimming is a great option for all skill levels and all ages. It is also great for elderly people and those recovering from an injury.

If you want the comfort and convenience of swimming right in your backyard, opt for a swim spa and check it out here.

5. Swimming Helps Flexibility

The act of swimming has you reaching, twisting, and stretching, giving your body added flexibility. Swimming allows your limbs to extend and expand with each stroke.

Not only are swimming workouts are ideal for burning calories, but they are also great for keeping your body limber.

Reaping the Health Benefits of Swimming

While most Americans don’t get enough physical activity, you can make your commitment to fitness fun and beneficial. There are so many health benefits of swimming, it’s easy to see why you should make it part of your weekly routine. Not only does swimming work out your whole body, improve your sleep, and help with flexibility, but it’s also easy on the joints and helps to relieve stress.

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By Hemant Kumar

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