If your business is just starting to grow, Instagram can be a good start for marketing development. Where to begin? With us, let’s explore the simple ways to promote your brand and business on Instagram. The biggest way to start your brand’s promotion on this platform is by enhancing the customers’ engagement on your posts. You can enhance the likes on Instagram to achieve the required engagement. There are many services that provide Free Instagram Likes to let brands enhance their presence and user engagement on Instagram.

We have figured out a few rules that will help you succeed while doing Instagram marketing.

Let’s get started…

5 Ways to Get Your Brand Successfully Promoted on Instagram

1. Don’t be afraid of Instagram

In 2010, not everyone needed SMM, but in 2019 we have to leave the social jail. Social media marketing is inevitable.

If you don’t have visual content, you doubt whether you will find an audience for your product on the platform, you have no experience (and other reasons why “not”) – just give it a try. Probably, you made a mistake in the forecasts, and you can successfully offer your goods and services on the platform.

In our practice, there were several such cases. For example, Avito did not use Instagram to promote the Avito Jobs service due to the specifics of the audience. As soon as Instagram was added to the placements in the campaign with Lead Ads, the CPL dropped by 80%. The number of leads per day soared seven times as well.

Online gallery “Digital twins” . Guess what is shown in the pictures.

2. Don’t aim to cover many channels

In the early stages of promotion, focus on Facebook and Instagram – this is recommended by companies that have quickly grown from a startup into a successful business.

Scentbird, an American subscription perfume delivery service, has scaled in the US market from 0 to $ 2.5 million in monthly marketing spending and has attracted 20,000 subscribers to the service in its first six months thanks to Facebook and Instagram. Oleg Popov, Head of Growth at Scentbird, notes that lack of attention to these sites threatens to lose scale:

“Your main channel will always be either Facebook or Google – in some cases equally. If you haven’t mastered these fundamental channels, then you will never have a scale. In general, you can focus only on Facebook and Instagram for a long time while you are growing and make them work. If they don’t work, you have to change the product. “

3. Don’t forget the Pixel

This is a basic rule that applies regardless of the promotion channel. The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that needs to be generated in Facebook Ads Manager and added to the website code. The tag will collect and transmit to the advertising office data about how customers behave before converting, what they generally do on the site and whether it meets your expectations.

Do not neglect the installation of this tool and collect data on the behavior of potential customers, as 10.5 thousand Russian sites do.

4. Don’t let hashtags fool you

Don’t use too many hashtags – they are ineffective. If there are too many of them, Instagram will block the post or limit the ad delivery. Correctly configured targeting will bring you more results.

5. Don’t aim to reach all users

There seem to be products out there that are built to promote on Instagram – travel-related, for example. Even if this is your case, work out your targeting in detail and carefully. With perfect targeting tactics you can reach a wide audience and achieve plenty of new followers.

Enhancing your brand’s followers is a vital aspect of social media optimization. You can also Get Followers On Instagram Instantly by reaching out to some social media marketing agencies. They have a really remarkable strategies.

The online travel store Travelata spends up to 20% of the performance marketing budget on Instagram advertising, receiving about 5% of the total sales from the channel.

For successful promotion, Travelata advises to especially carefully set up internal analytics in order to optimize the cost of customer acquisition, and targeting:

“The audience of the network is very large and without these tools it will be impossible to achieve decent CPL indicators,” says Oleg Kozyrev, Travelata Marketing Director.

For itself, Travelata chooses targeting young people from 24 to 35 years old with a predominance of a female audience and married couples with children.

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