Are you only starting to write in Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is popular spreadsheet software for marketers and data analysts. The software is great for visualizing, filtering, and organizing large amounts of data. It also has some added features like balance sheets and data calculators.

You commonly find the software in accounting offices. It reduces the necessary hours in writing down financial documents. The only problem is it’s hard to learn when you’re a beginner.

Are you looking to improve your Microsoft Excel skills? Excel has some shortcuts and quick fixes to speed up the process. To help, here are five hacks to use when writing in Microsoft Excel.

1. Adding More Columns

When using Microsoft Excel, you might need to add rows and columns. You can encounter it midway, requiring you to add hundreds of rows. Doing it manually is tedious, but there is a cheat.

To add some rows or columns, highlight the necessary number of pre-existing rows or columns. Click and select the “Insert” command in the group cell part of the Home tab. Once done, the additional blank rows or columns will be on the spreadsheet.

2. Filter for Simpler Data

When looking at large data sets, you usually don’t look at each row at once. In most cases, you only want to look at a specific data set. To fix this issue, you can always use filters.

Filters can focus on the data you’re looking for. You can add to each row and column in the spreadsheet. Once added, you can pick the cell you want to view.

3. Using Formula Calculations

Excel can do a lot beyond complex data reading. It can also do simple arithmetic equations for calculations. 

To calculate a number, place some parentheses in the spreadsheet format. However, remember the placing of each number since it can affect the outcome of the solution.

4. Shifting Between Different Files

When you have another spreadsheet opened, it can be irritating. It can ruin work since you might input data in the wrong sheet.

To avoid this, use the Ctrl + Tab buttons. It allows free movement of files, thus focusing on the right data set. This function is also available in other Windows tabs.

5. Highlighted Conditional Format

Conditional formatting allows you to get an aesthetically pleasing organization of data. You can change a cell’s color or C# write to Excel, indicating the data sets.

Accomplish conditional formatting by clicking its icon in the Home menu. Select your desired logic from the dropdown, and a window will appear, containing the data. Select “OK” and you should see the results automatically.

Use These Microsoft Excel Hacks Today

We hope these hacks help in your Microsoft Excel tasks. Don’t let inexperience in Microsoft excel hinder your work. Use these hacks today and enjoy the easier writing process.

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By Hemant Kumar

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