Most athletes can suffer from various types of foot injuries. But that doesn’t mean that all sports can be related to foot injuries. Though a few are pretty standard when it comes to foot injuries, you need to know them before you get into any. These sports are some of the most common ones that anyone can play. And the injuries can happen to any person taking part in the games, not only the athletes. Below are some of the sports where foot injuries are most common, and physio for foot pain becomes an instant must have treatment for recovery. 


American football is a contact sport that involves a lot of running. This can put a lot of strain on the feet as the player has to overwork the feet. Also, several tackles in this sport can result in foot injuries, among other injuries too. 


Another sport that can be associated with foot injuries is soccer. Soccer is played by the feet, and in some sectors, it’s even known as football. And that means that there are bound to be several foot injuries involved here. Injuries can happen due to bad landings when competing for the ball. They can also occur when a bad tackle is made. Anyone who plays will also have to put a lot of strain on their feet when they play the game. 


A game that involves jumping won’t guarantee any form of a smooth landing. That is what basketball is based on, and players have repeatedly suffered different types of foot injuries. Another thing is the court; you can easily injure your feet as the courts are usually slippery. 


Any game that involves running will put some strain on your feet. Athletics are games that consist of a lot of running and time on your feet regardless of the game. Here, several feet injuries will happen as muscles will be strained, and even swellings may occur. 


Another game that can cause wrong landing is volleyball, and foot injuries will occur as a result. Every time you serve and make a jump for the ball -defending or attacking, you can injure your feet. 

Some of the foot injuries involved 

  • Plantar fasciitis – this is where a band of tissues around the arch of the foot absorbs stress.
  • Achilles tendinitis – this can happen due to poor landing, and some of the muscles rupture.
  • Ankle Sprain – this can be very moderate of all the foot injuries here. This one involves twisting, and there can be several causes for each sport here. 
  • Fractures – are the type of injury that can happen when bad tackles happen in the game. Fractures are pretty clear. 
  • Heel Spur – this is where calcium deposit results in a protrusion of the heel bone. 

Injuries Happen

With several sports, different types of injuries can happen. When it comes to foot injuries, these are some sports that are likely to give your feet some problems. However, if you stretch out well before engaging in any of these sports, you are unlikely to suffer any foot injuries.

By Hemant Kumar

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