Did you know that at least 7.5 million adults in America have trouble using their voices? Voice disorders affect the quality and pitch of not only your voice but your quality of life too.

Speech disorders can result from nerve injuries to the brain or developmental disabilities, and speech therapy services are the most effective treatments for speech and language disorders.

But choosing the right speech therapist and speech therapy services is complex if you don’t know what to look for. Keep reading to learn five tips for selecting the right speech therapy services for you! 

1. Consider In-Home Speech Therapy 

Your home is your safe space, and we learn the best in a space we’re comfortable in. It’s much easier to relax and focus on what you’re learning in a home setting. You can take a break for a snack, drink, take medication, or use the restroom without any discomfort.

If you’ve recently been discharged from the hospital, the thought of going to multiple medical appointments can be overwhelming and stressful. Find a reputable company that offers home visit speech therapy to pave your path towards success from the comfort of home. 

2. Ask About Credentials

There are so many medical degrees, certificates, and specialties out there these days that it’s easy to get lost with knowing what to look for. A good speech pathologist should be transparent when you ask to see and understand what credentials they have.

You’ll want to look for a Certificate of Clinical Competence for Speech-Language Pathologists or the CCC-SLP. This certification is by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is the only recognized credential for speech professions.

3. Find a Speech Therapist With a Specialty

Doctors aren’t the only ones with specialized skillsets! An excellent speech therapist is constantly growing and focusing on their areas of interest. Certain speech pathologists may specialize in treating specific types of speech problems.

If you’re looking for your child, find a speech therapist with a proven track record with children. It’s essential to find a therapist your child is comfortable with and one who will set appropriate speech therapy goals with age-related speech therapy activities.

You may schedule a free consultation with Better Speech if you suspect or if you know if your toddler is a late talker. Better Speech has experts in speech delay therapy that are willing to help your child’s speech development.

4. Flexible Scheduling

Now that you’ve narrowed down your search, you want to find a therapist that offers flexible scheduling for you or your child. You’ll get more flexibility and personalized attention if you work with a private therapist. If you work with a speech therapist at your child’s school, they’ll likely schedule appointments during the school day when they have openings.

In the past, speech therapy could only be done during in-person visits. Nowadays, the COVID pandemic has changed telehealth and the way we can receive healthcare. Online speech therapy works much like traditional appointments, so make sure you ask your potential speech therapist if they offer these services.

5. Flexible Payment Plans

Speech therapy isn’t cheap. The average speech therapy cost ranges from $100 to $250 an hour. If you have health insurance, the first thing you want to do is check if they provide any coverage for speech therapy. If your insurance company does cover speech therapy, they’ll need to determine that it’s medically necessary. Some governments may offer subsidised treatment, according to Selectability NDIS Rockhampton Australia has the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) that aims to give those with disabilities easy access to treatment to assist in everyday life.

If you don’t have insurance coverage, you’ll need to ask about appointment costs and available payment plans. Online appointments will often cost significantly less, and therapists can give you techniques to try at home. 

Speech Therapy Services

Know that you know how to get started; you’re well on your way to finding the right speech therapy services for you. Take your time, do your research, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Finding the right speech therapist is life-changing, and the right therapist will take the time to customize a plan for you. 

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By Hemant Kumar

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