Pendants come in all shapes and sizes, so it is near to impossible to find something that you don’t like. However, amongst all these beautiful premade pendants, everyone still wants something a little unique. Luckily, there are numerous ways in which you can customize your pendant to really make it something personal. There are multiple ways to customize a pendant, but sometimes we have no idea where to begin. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place to find some inspiration. Here are five tips on how you can customize a pendant to make it a unique, beautiful piece of jewelry that you can wear every day:

  • Pick the chain:

The first step is to pick the chain that your necklace will lay on. There are multiple options that you can pick when it comes to this. Make sure you pick something sturdy because a custom pendant is made to stay around your neck at all times. Here are some great options that you can try out:

  • The simple, delicate chain:

A small, simple chain is probably one of the most popular options out there. You can get it in a range of materials, including gold, silver, rose gold, titanium, or anything at all. These chains sit lightly around your neck and feel almost weightless, so they are great for everyday wear. If these metals seem too expensive for you, it isn’t a problem at all! You can pick out plated metals or even something made out of simple metal. Your pendant doesn’t have to be expensive to look gorgeous.

  • A chunky one:

If you’re someone who loves being bold and standing out, a chunky chain is a great option. Remember not to go too big because you still need to attach a charm or something of that kind at the end. These statement pieces really help you stand out even in the largest of crowds. This, like the other simple chains, can be made out of any material that you like. You can get expensive options or inexpensive ones. It’ll look good regardless.

  • Beaded:

If you aren’t into metals, another popular option is beads. Beaded chains give you the freedom to pick out any color and style that you want. You can go for a muted look with simple colored beads or something more fun like a string of every color of the rainbow. This is when you can let your creativity shine even before you get to the charm or attachment. With beads, you can even spell something out to really make it your own.

  • Strings for simplicity:

If you want color yet simplicity, a string is probably for you. They come in a range of materials, thicknesses, and colors. The best part is that you can always switch to a different color based on what your look is for that day. Just take out the charm and put it into your new string to completely transform your pendant every time you put it on.

  • Bling or plain?

Once the base is out of the way, you will need to figure out what you want the attachment to look like. Here is when you decide whether you want something with bling or a simple piece that displays minimalism. 

If you prefer bling, you have a massive list of options. You can try out many gems, real or lab-made, to amp up your look. Popular options include rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. Raw black diamonds have been in high demand lately, so if that’s something you look forward to, you’ll need to know how to identify a raw black diamond

However, if you want something more muted, there are a number of gemstones that aren’t so flashy. This includes topaz, quartz, and many more. You can always DIY a little charm for yourself if you like or not opt for a gem at all. The sky’s the limit!

  • How many attachments?

Now comes the number of attachments or charms. This totally depends on the look you are going for. You could have one, big or small, or perhaps multiple. It is important to note that it is better to opt for smaller attachments if you’re going for multiple on your pendant because many big ones can look congested and unattractive, especially if you plan to wear other jewelry like earrings with it.

Some people like similar charms placed equidistant throughout the necklace, while others prefer different ones placed at random. Mix and match till you find what’s right for you.

  • Add a picture:

Pick up a picture if you really want to amp up the customization. There are multiple pendants that have lockets attached to the bottom. You can cut up a small picture and easily store it in there. The outside of the locket can be designed however you like- there are no limitations.

This way, you get two benefits at once. You have a beautiful pendant that looks perfect, and inside it, you have a little picture of something or someone you love. It really can’t get any better than that.

  • Handmade options:

Another way to really make your pendants your own is by constructing them yourself. By putting one together with your own hands, there is no way it won’t be unique. You could string beads together, learn how to make some creative pendants online, or do absolutely anything. Get some inspiration, buy some materials, and get crafty. You’re bound to create something fabulous.


Customizing your own pendant may seem a bit difficult when you first look at it, but it is actually much easier than it seems. All you need to do is look in the right direction and figure out what it is you’re looking for. Once you understand this, nothing is stopping you from getting the perfect customized pendant that you have always wanted. With these five tips, you can make the process even easier. So, what are you waiting for? Begin your search and get your beautiful customized pendant now!

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By Hemant Kumar

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