Around 14.8 million homes in the US dealt with a rodent infestation last year. It’s easy to see it’s a common problem, but the solution to getting rid of them isn’t always so simple.

Are you dealing with rodents in your home? Many people struggle with rodents in the attic specifically because they’re attracted to insulation.

Thankfully, there are several steps you can take to get rid of these unwanted visitors. Continue reading to learn five critter removal tips you need if rats are in your home.

1. Seal off Entry Points

This first suggestion should help you get rid of mice, too, if that seems to be another issue. The rodents are getting into your home somehow, and if you eliminate their entry point, it should help prevent the problem from growing.

Try inspecting your entire home, not just the area that seems to be the problem. They could be coming in from anywhere! Once you find an opening, seal it off.

This won’t take care of the rats already in your home, but it will keep new ones from coming in, which is often half the battle.

2. Put Out Traps

If you’re setting out traps, make sure you buy the right ones. Mousetraps are too small to capture a rat properly and will do nothing but agitate them.

Rat traps are bigger and stronger than mice traps and have a better chance of keeping them trapped for good.

It’s crucial to scatter them around instead of only putting one out because rats will try to avoid the traps.

3. Rat Poison

Another pest removal option is using rat poisoning. If you have pets, it might be better to avoid this option.

Otherwise, poison is often effective, but use caution with this option because the rats won’t die immediately and can end up dying in the walls instead. This will cause other issues down the line.

4. Rodent Repellent

Spraying rodent repellent might help keep rats out and away from your attic insulation.

Along with spraying repellent, you should begin practicing better food storage options if you aren’t already. For example, keeping food in air-tight containers will help keep it from drawing in more critters.

5. Call a Professional

Where there’s one rat, there’s often many. Because of this, if you see even one rat in your home, calling a professional in to assess the situation is wise.

Plus, you might be positive the animal in your attic is a rat, when really it could be something else. This would make your efforts worthless.

Banish Rodents in the Attic for Good

Dealing with rodents in the attic can be stressful. Thankfully, there are ways to make sure they don’t stick around for good. If you follow the suggestions found in this article, dealing with critters in your home will be a thing of the past. 

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By Hemant Kumar

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