The new normal introduced the concept of ‘learning from home’, and it seems it is likely to stay on for some time. Moreover, it also brought in a surge of EdTech companies offering useful online virtual learning classes and tutorials. To make the most of these helpful online resources, a laptop is a great option. In fact, several schools have started making laptops for students a mandatory learning tool. While a smartphone can be used for this purpose as well, laptops offer more sturdiness, bigger screen size and better display which causes less strain on the eyes of the young ones. The one main concern in the mind of every parent is the aspect of security, online safety and content responsibility. Through this article, we will provide some tips to help you choose the best laptops for students.

Operating System

Much of the market has traditionally been split between Windows OS and macOS (used in Apple laptops). While macOS is considered to be ultra-safe and secure, even the most entry-level model from Apple is going to cost quite a bit, and one may not necessarily want to spend that much amount on a kid’s laptop. So, the better option would be to choose from several Windows OS based laptops. Another operating system that has become very popular in the last couple of years is the Chrome OS, powered by Google. In addition to running web apps within the Chrome browser, Chrome OS can also run apps from the Google Play Store designed for Android smartphones and tablets, including Microsoft Office. They are also more budget-friendly options.

Durable Form Factor

‘Kids will be kids’ and hence, it is important to choose laptops for students with a rugged and durable chassis that can tolerate rough handling. There are quite a few laptops available with spill-proof keyboards which are able to handle splashes from water or juice without breaking down. There are several laptop models that come with toughened display panels and reinforced lids, helping them survive accidental drops without any damage. 

Antivirus and Online Security

Kids are likely to click on random links which may include malware or phishing links. While teaching them about responsible online behaviour is very important, it is equally important to protect their vulnerability by having a strict antivirus that has the ability to block such threats. Moreover, there are several parental controls that are inbuilt in the operating systems like Windows and Chrome OS which can be used to further enhance the browsing security of your kid’s laptop.  

Technical Configuration

The technical specifications of the ideal laptop for your child largely depends on the nature of activities being indulged in, and also the amount you are willing to spend. For example, for children in primary-middle school, the intensity of usage may not require anything more than 4GB RAM and 64 GB HDD. Along with an Intel Core i3 or AMD processor, this configuration is easily available in most Chromebooks or entry-level Windows laptops offered by several reliable brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo and ASUS. However, while considering laptops for students in higher classes or for those who may be learning some level of graphics designing or online coding, the configuration will need to be taken up a notch.

Some of the best laptops for programming come with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage. Even the processor may need to be reconsidered and going for an Intel Core i5 processor may make more sense. While the processor and display are usually fixed components for the lifetime of the laptop, it is always recommended to choose laptops that have options of upgrading RAM and storage. With the increasing needs of students, they are easily expandable to a higher version, thus eliminating the need for buying an entirely new laptop.
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By Hemant Kumar

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