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Many not-for-profit organizations rely on more than one software platform for managing donor relationships and raising funds. The right integration software can undergird crucial donor and fundraising data management functions with built-in features for improving data and automating routine tasks across platforms. Here are five ways in which the nonprofit software integration platform Omatic Cloud excels at optimizing data management.

Omatic Cloud Will Unify Disconnected Data

Unorganized data can become a relic of the past after implementing Omatic Cloud. This integration suite can ensure all relevant data is transferred across platforms in a Blackbaud Salesforce integration, which could otherwise pose challenges. Data that is native to other platforms can also be combined into a central database after MergeOmatic combines elements of duplicate records and the Data Health and Integration Suite enhances the accuracy and completeness of each record.

Omatic Cloud Automatically Identifies Duplicate Records

Duplicate records can be a source of confusion and inefficiency in terms of repeated attempts at outreach. Rather than tasking staff with the tedious task of tracking down duplicate entries or relying on utilities in constituent relationship management or fundraising software, the centralized MergeOmatic feature can ensure these records get identified and consolidated. Over time, this can lead to more accurate data across platforms and conserve resources by ensuring donor outreach is not redundant.

Omatic Cloud Supports Task Automation

One of the best features of an integration platform is sweeping automation. While some CRM software has features for automating specific tasks, the transfer of records between systems runs the risk of introducing errors into data. Omatic Cloud has the capability to set up imports or exports across systems to ensure that information stays current without requiring constant oversight of these processes on the part of database managers or staff members.

Omatic Cloud Can Improve Data Health

The Data Health and Integrations Suite has a wide variety of functions to ensure that contact information and other points are as accurate as possible. Whether an organization is seeking to clarify relationships between constituents, identify donors eligible for gift matching programs or simply ensure that records are complete and not redundant, these utilities can provide a wide range of data management benefits that have the potential to pay off in the long run.

Omatic Cloud Connects Leading Nonprofit Platforms

While a number of data integration software solutions are available on the market today, Omatic was developed for use in the not-for-profit sector. The unique demands of connecting legacy platforms such as the Raiser’s Edge with more recent CRM software releases such as Salesforce NPSP can be easily met by a platform built for these purposes. Support for third-party applications is also useful for organizations that combine Salesforce for Nonprofits with web-based fundraising and engagement tools.

Organizations that need to manage donor data across more than one software platform should seek out the best integration solution. Omatic Cloud can connect Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT, Salesforce for Nonprofits and other leading CRM and fundraising software and ensure that the highest quality data is always on hand for engagement, giving requests and outreach.

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