Did you know that more than 150 million Americans play video games? Gaming is fun and can be a way to pass the time, especially for mobile gamers who take their games everywhere. 

However, did you also know that there are health benefits of video games? If you need an excuse to fire up the PlayStation, keep reading to find out six health benefits of video games. 

One: Pain Reliever

Playing games can actually help as an analgesic for both adults and children with chronic pain. So the next time you are feeling the aches and pains, try out a game. 

However, do not overdo it. Hunching over a console, computer, or phone can cause new aches and pains for long periods of time. In addition, gamers’ thumb is a real thing. 

Two: Manual Dexterity

You may have heard of physical therapists using video games in therapy; that sounds like some amazing physical therapy. However, in patients with strokes or individuals with problems with manual dexterity, playing video games can help improve dexterity. 

Three: Build Problem Solving Skills

Playing video games can help you build problem-solving skills. This is especially true when you are playing types of video games that require you to use strategy. 

Strategy games often require you to think outside the box and solve problems in the game.

This can then translate to helping you better solve problems outside the game. Game companies like Gamemine have tons of mobile and computer strategy games you can try out to build your problem-solving skills. 

Four: Mental Health Benefits

Playing video games also has benefits for mental health. Studies have shown that playing video games can increase positive emotions. 

This increase in positive emotions can lead to better mental health, well-being, and happiness. However, the study does say “moderate gaming,” so do not lose yourself too deeply in the games. 

Even the most avid gamers need a break from gaming to experience what gamers like to call RL (real life). 

Five: They Provide Education

There are tons of games out there where you can actually learn things. There is a reason that so many games have been released for toddlers. 

Often these games have an educational aspect, and they make learning fun. As an adult or young adult, you need to improve your typing skills and play typing games. 

If you love history, play an RPG that is loaded with historical facts. Playing games can be fun and educate you at the same time. Learning new things boosts your brain health. 

Six: Exercise

These are great gaming benefits, but what about the fact that you are sitting in front of a console for hours on end? With the evolution of gaming, this is not necessarily true. 

Anyone that has ever played DDR will quickly tell you it is quite the workout. In addition, Wii Fit and VR bring about new ways to game that get you up and moving instead of lounging on the couch. 

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Video Games

If you need reasons to play video games, just consider the health benefits of video games. Pick the best video games for you and grab some gaming tips and have fun! 

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By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!