Remodelling a Building

So, you’re remodelling your block of flats or an office building. What do you need to consider before you start?

There is a lot of decisions to be made. The list includes new space for your staff to work, and health and safety. For instance, were you aware of the need for roof anchor point installation for your abseiling builders? When working on the façade of the building, this would be essential.

In this article, we discuss this and some other points to think about with regards to remodelling.

Clear Goals

Make sure you have crystal-clear goals, so that the scope of the project can be clearly defined, and an accurate budget made available. For example:

  • Are you installing new technology?
  • Are you changing the look of the building?
  • Are you updating the infrastructure?
  • Are you repairing major systems?

Whatever that goal is will determine cost, length of time spent remodelling, which contractors to use, and more.

Determine Your Budget

It is crucial to not only know your budget, but to know that you will likely go beyond the given construction budget. The reality is there are a lot of costs that are hard to factor in, and simply a matter of guesswork. So, have a buffer amount included in your budget to cover all these items. This is where an experienced project manager can assist greatly.

Evaluate Existing Building

Without an evaluation of the building as it exists currently, it is very difficult to know to what extent the renovations have to go. Look at the quality of the building currently. Test the electrical wiring and mechanical systems. Also examine the condition of the building to see if it will bear the rebuilding and look at past evaluations of the building. All these will influence how much you do or don’t renovate.

Determine Key Impacts of the Remodelling

You’re going to spend a substantial amount of money, and you obviously wish for it to be spent wisely. Planning every aspect ahead of time means that you’ll be able to budget accurately and efficiently as possible.

Aspects to consider would be:

  • Alternate spaces for staff to work in. Building can be noisy and messy, and if your staff are exposed to high levels of these, they can find it a huge strain. Their working environment needs to be as comfortable as possible in order for them to maintain productivity. Budget for this temporary office setup and move them to another office building if necessary, so your business doesn’t suffer because of the construction project.
  • Research builders and construction companies with high reputations. Get a list of the types of people you will need, such as plumbers, electricians, master-builders. Ensure that they have all they need regarding health and safety for their own workers and everyone that comes near them. The last thing you need is a lawsuit on your hands for their incompetence or errors.
  • Keep the theme in mind. If your building is an old building, you can certainly give it a face-lift—both inside and outside—but you would want to ensure that everything in the building is harmonious with the original style. Change it, but don’t let it look disjointed.
  • Take into account the time. Quality building materials are sometimes hard to come by, and it is important to add time at the beginning – some take 6 months to arrive, so plan a schedule well in advance.
  • The professional architects or builders will assist you in getting the necessary permits, but know these are absolutely essential. Do your own research as well. Consult someone from the city where required, but ensure you are on the right side of the law. The worst thing that could happen is having to tear everything down again.
  • Budget well. You may look below for further pointers, but this is vital.

Consider Hiring a Project Manager

The sheer amount of work required can seem almost insurmountable. Need and easier way? To manage it all from budgets to bids to dealing with various contractors, to smooth running of the project, you really do want an experienced project manager. He or she would take a lot of stress off your hands and enable you to spend time on what you do best – running your business.

Think About Sustainability

Think green. It is not merely a trendy and responsible thing to do, it will help your business:

  • Installing solar panels will reduce your electricity costs.
  • Motion-sensor taps will save you water.
  • Motion-sensor lighting in certain areas will prevent electricity wastage.
  • Rainwater tanks for grey water will help if there is a drought in your region.

Your capital investments will be minimal compared to the benefits you reap.

Don’t Forget the Neighbourhood

Remember you’re working within a particular communal space. Will your renovation change the look of the area? Will it blend in well? Will it obstruct others at all? Consider this and how you will meet with any challenges that arise such as complaints from neighbours.


There is much to consider when remodelling a building. Far more than a short post like this could cover. But these tips will get you off to a good and safe start. For specific questions, please chat in the comments section.


By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!