To give a good performance in a basketball match, uniform plays a vital role. The uniform for the basketball player should be comfortable, high-quality fabric and most importantly according to the size of the player. 

For that reason, players and teams always prefer to customize shirts for their athletes. They have the following benefits to order customized shirts and trousers.

Better Fit: 

Customized shirts are that which are cut and stitched according to the given size of the player. That is why it gives a better fit to the player.  And the player can completely focus on its performance. 

Gives Identity to Team: 

In the basketball match, there are always two teams.  The uniform is the basic thing that differentiates these two teams. So, it is a requirement of every team to customize the shirts and trousers with the specific color, design, and logo. 

High-Quality Material:

Material is also a very important factor in basketball shirts and trousers. As the inferior material does not prove proper protection against the weather. It also discomforts the player while playing. 

7 Best Places to Order Customized Basketball Shirts and Trousers Online

  1. Allen Sports 

Allen sports receive the order of customers for customizing uniforms of basketball players. They are serving the players of various games for the previous 15 years. 

They claim to provide their customers with high-quality synthetic fabric that is resistant to wrinkles, mildew, and creasing. They provide many other customized features that are:

  • Screen printing 
  • Sublimation 
  • Embroidery 
  • Tackle twill 
  • Applique and others. 
  1. Wooter Apparels 

If you want to order online customized and high-quality basketball shirts and trousers, visit the Wooter apparels website. 

They provide their customers with quality basketball uniforms only in the period of 3 to 4 weeks. They have a total of 3 steps to fulfill their customer’s orders:

  • Customers place the order and fill the form

Wooter accessories provide a form to customers. So that they can enter the details about the uniform and its customized features. 

  • Processing

 They collect the data from the filled forms and transfer it to the manufacturers. 

  • Delivery 

They receive the prepared stock before the time. They evaluate the quality of prepared basketball shirts and shorts. Then it delivers to the customer’s given address.

  1. US Sports 

US sports provide a turnaround time of only 2 weeks. They provide all the customize options for the basketball uniform like color, fabric, team name, logo, player name, etc. 

Here, customers can make changes to the order after entering all the details within 48 hrs. Even customers can cancel the order within the period of 48 hrs. But they do not accept the return or exchange for the customized items. 

  1. LOGO Sportswear

All the top brands of sportswear can be found on the LOGO Sportswear website. A wide variety of caps, t-shirts, jackets, polos, etc. are available for both men and women. They provide customize products with all customize features. 

The best thing about LOGO Sportwear as they have no minimum order requirement. So, it is the best option for the customers who want to buy fewer basketball shirts and trousers.

  1. Prime Time Sports Apparel

Primetime apparels provide the sports uniform at affordable prices. They customize the orders according to requirements. 

They deal only in wholesale quantities and resellers and retailers deal with them by making an account on their website. Their prices are very affordable because they eliminate the third man from the chain and customers can get maximum discounted prices. 


CISCO athletic is an old name, serving the customers with quality sportswear from 1982. In fact, they are directly involved in the manufacturing of the sportswear-making process. 

Initially, they provide their sportswear only to schools and organizations. With the passage of time, they have spread their services to the whole country. 

They claim to provide up-to-mark quality of basketball uniforms. They maintain their standard in sublimation, printing, tackle twill, etc. 

  1. Imperial Point

Imperial point is also included in the list of quality suppliers of wholesale basketball clothing. They are working basically to provide athletes with the best uniforms that not only improve performance but also provide a style to them. 

Custom design: they customize the uniform according to the desires of the customers. Secondly, they believe to provide the customers with reliable material for the uniforms. 

Furthermore, they provide excellent customer services to their clients. 


Basketball is a famous sport in the USA. Uniform is not only used once but the player demands new basketball shirts and shorts many times. 

All the above online websites are good options to buy wholesale basketball equipment. Except for these options, customers can visit any online wholesale marketplace. It is the best way to make a deal or business to business and under the roof, you can find multiple suppliers for the uniform. 

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!