About 45% of homeowners with a garage use the garage as the main entry point into the home. Why is that the case? Convenience.

It’s easy to pull into the garage, unload the car, and bring things into the house. The kitchen is often closer to the garage than the front door, so you’ll minimize the number of steps to take.

What happens if you lose this convenience? You’ll end up frustrated with your home. You’ll need to hire a garage door installation service to make sure you have a durable garage door that holds up for years.

How can you make sure that you hire a reliable company? Read on to learn the top tips to get the best garage door installation experience.

1. Reputation

Reputation is everything, especially when it comes to garage door service companies. You want to try to get a sense of the garage door installation experience before you hire a company.

Anything can go wrong on the job. The installer could order the wrong doors, delaying the project. They might have to return multiple times to fix an issue.

Reading online reviews gives you some insights into how a garage door installation service works. You want to look for companies that have a lot of positive reviews.

See what others had to say about the customer service and how the company handled things when issues came up.

2. Certifications and Licenses

Most states don’t require garage door installers to have a contractor’s license. That makes it your job to see if a company is truly qualified to work on your home.

There are some installation companies that do have a contractor’s license. These companies should be at the top of your list. A contractor’s license protects you because you can report issues to your state’s board of contractors if things really go wrong on a job.

There are additional certifications to look for as well. Garage door installers tend to work with a small range of manufacturers. They have certifications from manufacturers to ensure their knowledge and expertise with the manufacturer’s products.

The International Door Association is an industry organization for garage door installers and suppliers. Membership is a sign that the installation service company takes its work seriously.

3. Range of Service

Where does the company provide services? Small garage door installation companies tend to limit their service area to a 10-25 mile radius.

Larger companies can serve a 50-75 mile radius. You want to make sure that you choose an installation company that’s close to you.

If you need maintenance or repairs down the road, you don’t want to wait a long time for someone to show up. They might be coming from a job miles away, get stuck in traffic, and show up late.

4. Services and Products

The company you choose is essentially your home maintenance partner. They help you manage and maintain a garage door that you’ll have for years.

It’s ideal to hire a garage door installation service that provides a broad range of services to help you choose your doors. They should offer emergency services in case you need a sudden repair.

A company like the one at Ohdpugetsound.com is a good example because they offer custom garage doors, a range of products, and 27/7 repair services.

That’s the type of company that you want to find in your area.

5. Warranties

One important question to ask is if the installation company stands by its work. Garage door installation companies usually have a manufacturer’s warranty on the garage doors and opener.

For new garage doors, a warranty covers defective parts for about a year. The manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t include labor.

That’s up to the installation company to provide. Typical installation warranties are for a year, while repairs are covered for 90 days.

You need to get a full understanding of the warranty coverage before you sign a contract. Ask an installer what is and isn’t covered. Run them through different scenarios of repairs to prevent misunderstandings.

For example, you can give a hypothetical situation that the garage door won’t open three weeks after installation. Ask if that’s covered under warranty.

6. Sales Payments

Your first interaction with a garage door service company is likely to be with a salesperson. They’re called technicians, but many have to focus on sales numbers.

There’s a huge difference between salaried employees and commissions-based employees. If a commission-based employee doesn’t get the sale, they don’t get paid.

They’re likely to sell a product that you don’t really need because they earn more money from the deal.

7. Transparent Estimates

Get estimates from several installation companies to compare them. Comparing installation costs is challenging because installers use different methods to give estimates.

Some price out parts and labor, while others give one rate for the installation.

There are other considerations. Did the company give you several quotes to consider? An installer might give several options that meet your needs and budget.

The installation service should discuss the quality of the doors and the advantages of a particular model. These things are easy to overlook, but they give you an idea as to the quality of service you’ll get from the service company.

Hire the Best Garage Door Installation Service

A garage door is more important than you realize. Not only is it a source of convenience, but it’s a layer of security. The right garage door adds value to your home.

All of that comes with the help of the right garage door installation service. It doesn’t have to be hard to find the right service provider. Just follow the tips in this article, and you’ll have the perfect garage door in no time.

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By Hemant Kumar

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