Did you know that around 28% of Americans say that summer is their favorite season?

Kids get to enjoy months away from school and adults can soak up much more sunshine with the longer daylight hours. Not only does the sun keep up healthy and happy, but warm weather can encourage us to socialize, eat well, and exercise more.

If you’re gearing up for the best summer ever, then you might be wondering, “Where can I find fun outdoor activities near me?” Keep reading this list so you can get inspired by 7 awesome outdoor activities for all ages.

1. Hiking

Hiking is one of the best ways you can enjoy Mother Nature in its purest form. Thanks to all of the shade and refreshing air from the trees, you can beat the heat even while you’re staying active. If you live near some mountains, then you’ll love taking in panoramic views from the summit.

2. Kayaking

If you’re on the hunt for some outdoor activities for adults, then you can never go wrong with kayaking. It’s a fantastic exercise for your arms and you can always lean back and relax while you float peacefully in the water.

3. Surfing

Anyone who lives near the ocean has to try surfing at least once in their lifetime! Taking group surf lessons is one of the most incredible San Diego outdoor activities you could ever do.

4. Go on a Picnic

Summer is all about kicking back with your loved ones and sharing a tasty meal. There’s no better way to celebrate with your friends and family than by going on a picnic with them. If everyone brings a dish, you can have an epic potluck.

5. Pick Your Fruits

One of the most exciting outdoor activities for kids is fruit picking. We’re all so used to getting everything we need at the store that we become disconnected from the process. Searching for the juiciest berries is such a unique and rewarding experience.

6. Host a Backyard Carnival

Creating a backyard carnival is easy as long as you have some snacks and games! You could even plan some outdoor team-building activities like a relay race to see who has the strongest teamwork skills.

7. Attend a Sports Event

There’s nothing more American than going to a ball game and eating some hot dogs. People of all ages get sucked into the action and the energy will make you want to come back for every game.

Are You Pumped to Do These Outdoor Activities This Summer?

With so many great outdoor activities to choose from, you’ll have a hard time keeping up during the summer. Even though the days will be longer soon, summer always seems to fly by since we’re all busy having a blast.

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By Hemant Kumar

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