3D printing or additive manufacturing is making 3D objects from a digital file.

It’s fast and flexible, which is why many manufacturers use it today. Survey expects that by 2026, the 3d printing market will grow to $41 billion.

Businesses across industries are using 3D printers for various reasons. Do you want to know about the seven different uses for 3D printing? Read here and find out!

1. Manufacturing and Automobile

68% of the people who use 3D printers use it for prototyping. It’s the most common use for 3D printers. Manufacturers use this tool to lower their production costs.

Unlike traditional manufacturing, 3D printers are good at rapid prototyping. Clients can also customize the design with the help of 3D printing. It’s necessary to learn more about this process if you plan to get one.

In the automotive industry, 3D printers create custom jigs and other fixtures. Before, this process needed different tools and extra costs. By using 3D printers, manufacturers can lessen their production time.

2. Health

One of the best uses of 3D printing is in the health industry. It proves effective in helping patients make their lives easier.

Using 3D printers is fast in making prosthetics. Before, children will have to wait for their new prosthetics when they outgrew them.

But with 3D printing, they can produce it every few months. It’s also much cheaper and more customizable.

In Dentistry, 3D printing makes accurate molds and dentures for each person. Today, experts are also developing 3D-printed organs. If developed, it can provide rapid transplants.

3. Construction

3d printing has many benefits for the construction industry. In architecture, it helps improve the 3d modeling phase. It can create detailed and complex models.

In the future, some believe that 3D printing will be essential in creating affordable homes. But so far, it’s not yet prevalent and still under development.

4. History

Through 3d printing, the recreation of historical artifacts is possible. They can now recreate landmarks, reconstruct statues and fossils. Some museums are also using 3d printing to enhance the experience of museum-goers.

5. Forensics

Another use of 3d printing is in forensics. It can create replicas of evidence needed in the investigation.

Designing tools can also recreate the facial structures of the victim or suspect. It can also help the police analyze certain crimes by using 3D models.

6. Art

Artists are using 3d printing to make their artworks. Some artists make sculptures made by 3d printing.

Also, visual effects artists are using 3d printing to make practical effects. It’s a quick alternative to the traditional approach.

7. Jewelry

Jewelry designers prefer 3d printing because it’s cheap and convenient. They can also use it to make prototypes of their product before finalizing it. It can help the customer give suggestions and ensure that they have their desired piece.

Other Uses for 3D Printing

Other 3D printing applications are in aerospace and clothing. But, 3D printing continues to advance throughout the years.

Now, materials come cheap, and producing it is becoming more common. It may not be far in the future to see more uses for 3d printing. Now that you know what is 3d printing, We hope you can use it in the future.

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