Taking showers and doing your business in the bathroom is much better when you have more space. But sometimes, we have no choice, and the space we have for our bathroom is  limited. Admittedly, bathrooms are on the bottom half of the list of priorities compared to your living room library or dirty kitchen. But you’ll surely be more comfortable providing it with enough floor area for your basic bathroom furniture needs.

Attempting to think about what your bathroom will look like is rarely a waste of time. Bathrooms are underrated and essential for every day. In this article, we’ll be sharing tips and tricks you can try to maximize your small bathroom space. Keep on reading to find out more.

1. Use those blank walls!

Sky’s the limit with blank walls. Bathroom walls are like blank canvases, which you can paint in a bright shade of yellow or white to make them look wider. You can also hang a painting and add some plants. It is always refreshing to see plants in any room. If you need more storage, you can hang them vertically. You can check out some hanging shelves from your local hardware store. 

2. Shelves and Ledges are simple yet very helpful. 

If your walls are not tiled, you can easily stick a ledge or a shelf on it. One of the bathroom furniture essentials are shelves. You can put up two shelves if your walls are high enough, or longer ledges if your walls are wide. With the help of shelves and ledges, you won’t need baskets that crowd the floor. These shelves can store all your bathroom essentials and help you be more organized.

3. Above the sink, or below the sink.

You can place your bathroom cabinet above the sink—this is more common for medicine cabinets. The reason for this is to keep your medicines far from children’s reach, and there will be more space below your sink. On the other hand, the cabinets under the sink will not only be storage and an organizer but will also hide those pipes sticking out from below the sinks.

4. Versatile Bathroom Furniture

Another way to occupy less space is with versatile bathroom furniture that can serve many purposes. You have to be resourceful and creative. An example is the now popular bathroom basket. These baskets are used for storage and can multitask as a table. This also looks pretty on a white-tiled floor. Decorations should also be multifunctional. A simple plant vase can be a toothbrush holder, or a curtain ring can be a towel holder.

When you need a stool inside the bathroom, choose one that you can open to store some toilet paper. Having sliding doors can be good when you leave items on the floor because a swinging door won’t have to wipe it out of place, and you can also attach a mirror to it. Not only multifunctional, but also space-saving!

5. Choosing A Bathroom Sink:

Now consider the sink. Installing an ADA Undermount bathroom sink will make your bathroom look elegant, and it will save a lot of space if your sink has a countertop. You can keep all of your makeup, towels, soap, and other toiletries on the countertop, which is only accessible to you. And now there’s that space beneath the sink. Yes, I can’t stress this enough: use that space! Install a cabinet to store your cleaning supplies and bathroom supplies. You should be able to store more items if you have enough space.

6. Mirror, mirror on the wall can make your bathroom bigger!

Mirrors are reflections of space. Yes, a large bathroom mirror will not double the room space, but it can give anyone the illusion that your bathroom is spacious. Furthermore, putting mirrors around the walls and ceilings will make your bathroom look taller. Mirrors will also reflect more light that makes your room bigger. And if you’re going to have a mirror in your bathroom, buy one that is big enough so you will only need one that can reflect your whole body.

7. Drill a hole in the wall.  

No space, but you need a place to put your bathroom essentials? Niches is the answer. If the ledges and shelves are not your style, you can ask your neighborly carpenter to carve some niches in the shower or beside the toilet. Niches are like secret holes that you can place your shampoo, soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste on. It is an option and an additional surface to put some items on.

An Extra Squeeze!

The room can be what you make of it. Try to go minimalist and do not hoard what you won’t use or if it is not useful at all. Some bathroom furniture and must-haves that you should have are a mirror, toilet, and shower. Though bathrooms are not always the top priority when it comes to remodeling and organizing, these tips can be handy. Save this article so you can go back for the next time you want to maximize your bathroom space!

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!