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If you don’t have much space in your bedroom or apartment because of your kid’s toys, you’ll have to get imaginative and resourceful about how you organize their possessions. Thank goodness, there are numerous things to turn your messy room of toys into a more spacious one for you. We filtered through hundreds of toy storage ideas and items to offer you this compilation of 8 incredibly creative storage tips and strategies that you’ll want to DIY or purchase without breaking a hand or spending a lot of money. Here are the smartest ways to make the most of the space you have. As a result, your bedroom, wardrobe, home office, or storage unit would be more comfortable and ordered even if there are tons of kid’s belongings around.

1. Humble Crew Toy Storage Organizer

This toy bin is removable, making it one of the great toy storage ideas for game time and quick cleaning. This easy-to-assemble toy organizer for crayons, toy cars, blocks, dolls, and other items is ideal for boys and girls aged 3 and up. The 12 compatible rugged plastic toy bins, 8 standards, and 4 wide storage containers are included in the package.

2. BOOHIT Square Storage Box

This 13″ (L) x 13″ (W) x 13″ (H) square toy basket is ideal for use in your bedroom, bathroom, patio, corridor, drawing room, or cloakroom. It is made of linen and cotton cloth, has two handles, and a Waterproof PE Coating. It is simple to stand, lightweight, foldable, and long-lasting. It is trendy with a cartoon theme, very cute and fashionable, has a wire-framed for stability, and a metal ring to keep the shape at the top, with a handle on both sides for easy movement.

3. ECR4Kids Toy Storage Shelf

This durable wooden furniture is ideal for storing books, toys, blocks, art supplies, board games, and other things for kids. Its polished hardwood finish complements libraries, kindergartens, homeschools, daycares, playrooms, preschools, and bedrooms. It has a compact design with plenty of shelf space and can be used as a school storage cabinet, building block case, children’s bookcase, and other stuff. It includes four detachable casters for quickly converting your wood cabinet into a moving storage unit.

4. LLARUG Toy Storage Bin

This toy storage bin has a height of 16 inches, a width of 11.8 inches, and a mat diameter of 60 inches. It can fit up to three children at once to play with stacking toys and building blocks. It helps to avoid the chaos or mess of kid toys, and you can dump toys directly onto the incorporated play mat, allowing tiny fantasies to run wild without creating a crazy scene. The pulling handles will assist parents in easily and simply storing toys.

5. Wendy Mall Basketball Storage Bag

Mommies, when your kids are getting bigger, they tend to love balls and after playing, it cannot be avoided that they’ll just leave those round-things wherever they can. To avoid degrading the quality of the ball and having a messy area, keep them with this strong and durable nylon ball bag. Having these at home is one of the great toy storage ideas since it can put about 10 balls into the bag, and it is not just suitable at home but also in the gym, school, beach, and swimming pool. 

6. Studico Kids Toy Storage Stool

Toys are strewn around the place? Is there little or no space left to store your child’s extensive collection of toys? Go no further, because this children’s stool serves a dual purpose: it holds your child seated while also keeping toys clutter-free. You can pick from 5 distinct designs and color schemes for your child, whether a boy or a girl and be sure that your child will enjoy his or her new colorful throne so much that it will be easier to attract them to pick up and place all of their toys here.

7. VERONLY Kids Toy Box Chest

The flip-top lid storage chest measures 24.5 x 13 x 16 inches and has a strength of more than 83 liters.  When closed, the adjustable flip-top lid conceals the items and ejects them with a Velcro tab to be used as an additional storage box. This fabric storage bin is made out of high non-woven fabric and thickened cardboard, and it has a durable handle on both the front and back sides, which allows for carrying the stylish storage boxes in heavy loads.

8. Mindspace

It’s never been easier to keep your game room organized. With dimensions of 2712″ L x 1512″ W x 16″H when open, it’s shocking how much this toy box can hold. The two deep containers bring order to any chaos or mess. Simply eliminate the center divider to make two bins into one for bulkier pieces. A removable lid immediately conceals your piled-up belongings, turning a cluttered look into a clean and tidy appearance.

In a Nutshell

If you aim on keeping your home tidy, take into consideration the toy storage bins mentioned above. Their manufacturers are known for producing high-quality products in case you are compromising with their performance.

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