Revamp your home by giving your walls a metallic touch of charm with metal wall decor. Metal wall decor adds more energy and grace to your dull walls. People often think of their walls as an afterthought. But what they often forget is that walls are the biggest canvas that you have while designing interiors. And so, you need to give your walls proper attention and let your creative juices pop up. The perfect decor for monotonous walls is metal wall art. The hints of silver, gold or bronze elevate the vibe of the entire room. It does not just add value to the walls but the interiors as a whole. Below are some creative ideas to incorporate metal wall decor in your home:

Put it on plain walls

Add exuberance and dazzling charm to your walls with the right metal wall decor. Choose a large, plain wall and let the artwork do its magic on it. Try choosing a wall that doesn’t have other home decor items on it. This lets your metal wall art stand out and make its mark. 

Place it as a focal point

Hang your metal wall decor just where it catches maximum glances. You can hang it on the wall against the sofa set, where it will grab the attention of all your guests. You can choose exuberant pieces or something that matches the hues of your sofa set or lounge. 

Hang it in the gallery

Some home decor items blend so well with every interior that they can be put anywhere. Metal wall decor is not just limited to your living room. It makes any space lively, once it’s hung there. You can hang your metal wall art in your gallery and even in the dining room. 

Choose colours from your palette 

Select hues and shades that go well with your colour palette. Your wall decor must compliment your interiors and make the place look cosy and beautiful. Choosing a metal wall decor that doesn’t blend well with your colour palette will make your room look absurd. 

Try colour-popping

While going for a metal wall art that instantly flows with the colour palette is great, you can also try colour popping. Select shades and hues that pop and alleviate the aura of the room. For example, if your room has a vibrant palette of red, orange and blue, colour-popping with a blue and gold metal wall art would make your walls look classy and opulent. 

Mix and match

You can also make an art gallery on your wall. Try to mix and match different home decor items like metal wall decor and canvas art. You can also play around with different styles of wall decorations and different hues. Creating a unique combination of metal wall arts make any room ooze energy, positivity and exuberance. 

Don’t place it too high

You must not hang your metal wall art too high. You must remember that any wall art must be hung at eye level. For example, if you choose to hang it on the wall against your sofa, there should be a distance of only about three to four feet between the sofa and your metal wall art. You must also pay attention to the spacing between different wall decorations that you place. They might not be too close to make the place look cluttered or too distant for it to look shabby. 

Try to go big

You must not be afraid to go big while choosing metal wall decor. Though choosing the right size in home decor items can be tricky, large-sized wall art grabs all eyes. Be it metal wall art or wall mirrors, try to go big and make a statement through interiors that stand out. 

Be experimental

To be honest, there is no shortcut to ecstatic interiors. So, you must experiment. You can play around with colours, designs and styles. You must try to reflect on your own self through your room decor. Your room must narrate a story and put forward the best version of you through stylish home decor items

So, here are nine attractive ideas for you to decorate your home with metal wall decor you can’t keep your eyes off. What you must understand is that there is no key to perfect interiors, you must just try your best. Hope you found this blog helpful.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!