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Every company expects to generate maximum leads from their website. This is why they hire the best web design agency in New York. However, the competition is high and you have to walk an extra mile to ensure your website is picked by your target audience over your competitors. Wondering how to do this? Here are 9 most effective web design tips that can help to increase conversion rate of your website:

1.  Design to Provide a Better User Experience

As per the best Joliet based web design company, a better user interface goes a long way. It does much more than improving the ranking of your business. If your website allows seamless navigation and the user is satisfied with what you’re offering, they are more likely to place your order. And this means increased ROI. This has been proven in studies.

2.  Select the Right Colours

Colours play a vital role in setting the mood. Therefore, you would see SALES signs in stores in red colours. Top property developers and interior designers, when designing residential projects, also take this factor into consideration. They choose different colours for different rooms.

The same goes for when designing a website. The colours must be selected carefully. They should attract users and compel them to make an action i.e. place an order. For example, the call to action button must have a prominent colour.

Also, you can follow the theme or the colour combination of your organisation’s logo. It will create a sense of harmony in your company’s online presence. Make sure the background colour doesn’t impact the readability. Everything should be clear to the user.

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3. Have Your Website Mobile Ready

If your website doesn’t work properly on mobile devices, you are missing out on a lot of leads. These days, almost every individual surfs the internet using mobile devices. Therefore, not taking this factor into consideration can seriously hamper the chances of success of your business.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, it’s imperative that you have your website mobile ready. It should have a responsive design that works seamlessly well on smartphones, tablets and other hand-held devices. You will see a noticeable improvement by adopting this practice.

4. Place the Content Wisely

How you place the content on your website plays a major role in captivating user’s interest and increasing leads. For this, figure out the prominent spaces on the site that will instantly grab the user’s interest and place key content there. Be it a picture, video, infographic or a chunk or text, make sure it is placed in that key area. This will improve the chances of conversion. Also, the call to action button should have an appropriate and prominent position as well.

5. Use the White Space Appropriately

Also known as negative space, it is the space that covers images and other graphical elements on the website. Many people make this mistake of filling this space using different things i.e. text or design. This can make your website look cluttered. At times, it’s better to leave some white space alone to create a rather flattering look.

6. Follow the “Less is More” Advice

Always remember that less is more when it comes to designing your website. Bombarding your website with every style element that is available at your disposal is going to do nothing but drive your customers away. The key is to satisfy them with the minimum design. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that your website should be very plain. The idea is to create a perfect balance to keep the visitors captivated.

7. Make Navigation Easy

Needless to say, if a user finds it hard to navigate through your website, they are going to abandon it, unless or until they are your loyal customers. Therefore, it’s important that you pay attention to the website’s navigation. It should be easy and smooth. The users shouldn’t have to face complications when moving from one part of your website to another. It should be done in the fewest possible clicks/taps.

8. Don’t Give Them Too Many Choices

Many companies offer multiple payment plans or packages to their users. And these packages are then listed on their websites. While it’s certainly a wise idea to cater to everyone’s needs, it is, however, recommended to narrow down the choices to the minimum. The more options you are giving them, the more confusion it is going to create.

9. Have Strong CTA Buttons

As already discussed above, your call to action buttons should be very prominent. Don’t just simply write run of the mill text such as “book now” or “buy now”. Show your creative side and write quirky, fascinating and appealing call to action text.

Other than following the above-mentioned practices, having an SEO specialist on board holds crucial importance as well. It is due to their efforts your website will have traffic that you can then turn into conversion using the tips discussed above. 

By Hemant Kumar

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