Can you guess the number of people who log in to YouTube every month?

It is 2.3 billion.

That’s huge!

Let’s have a look at some more recent stats related to our favorite video place called ‘YouTube.’

  1. YouTube is ranked 2nd among most-visited websites across the globe, after Google. 
  2. YouTube is the most popular platform where you can publish your video content.
  3. A recent survey states that in the US alone, YouTube is expected to make USD 5.56 million from advertising revenues in 2021.
  4. The last two years have seen the number of SMBs advertising on YouTube go just double. 
  5. YouTube is available in 80 languages and is localized in more than 100 countries.
  6. Around 62% of businesses leverage YouTube as a channel to post their video content for advertisements.

Such impressive stats!!

These are just a few points to tell you how popular YouTube is, and going with YouTube Marketing for growing your venture is the best possible effort you can put.

In this article, you will go through what YouTube marketing actually refers to and how you can make the marketing strategies with it. You will go through all you need to do to start a YouTube channel and grow it from scratch.

What is YouTube Marketing?

Clearly, what you advertise through video content on YouTube, is YouTube Marketing. The practice of promoting products or businesses on the YouTube platform by uploading valuable videos on a YouTube channel or using YouTube ads is referred to as YouTube Marketing.

YouTube marketing is important because it is the second most popular social media platform after Facebook. YouTube, or more precisely, video content, is really effective and getting bigger by the day.

As a platform, YouTube is growing crazily fast. One reason is that videos serve as an extremely powerful medium for marketing your products/services. For example, when you compare the impact of video over text, it is clear that a video is much more effective. 

From an entertainment tool, YouTube has now become a great tool for marketing. It can be a terrifying tool for brands. As you might have thought, YouTube marketing is not only making videos and uploading them on the platform. You need SEO strategies for driving a marketing campaign and making your videos get successful views and eventually generate potential traffic. 

The How-To’s of YouTube Marketing

The steps you need to follow for marketing on YouTube are:

  1. Create and brand a YouTube channel
  2. Optimize your videos for SEO around popular keywords
  3. Create videos to be uploaded on YouTube
  4. Develop a YouTube marketing strategy
  5. Upload high-quality videos so that you can maximize watch time
  6. Promote latest videos on and off of YouTube.

The point to be noted is that YouTube is a platform that exclusively hosts video content. Since it is a popular platform for publishing video content, it can make you diversify your traffic sources and enable you to gain the target audience for your brand.

Let us go through all you need to do:

  1. Create a Google account

Since YouTube is owned by Google, you need to create a Gmail account. Having a Gmail account gives you access to a YouTube account, a Google+ account, and much more.

  1. Create a YouTube brand account

Having a Gmail account enables you to publish a video on YouTube. You are required to set up a YouTube Brand Account. With a Brand Account, you can manage editing permissions and build a more holistic presence online.

You should opt for an effective business or brand name for your channel.

  1. Customize your YouTube Brand Account

Click on ‘Customize Channel’ and begin by adding a channel icon and channel art. You can add channel art, channel description, a company email, and other links to your company website.

Point to be noted:

You can customize your YouTube channel in a way it will appear to subscribers and to the unsubscribed visitors. This implies that unsubscribed visitors can see different featured content than subscribed users.

You can create a YouTube channel Trailer which is a video version of your description and is visible to all your unsubscribed users. 

  1. Set up permissions for your YouTube Brand Account

You are required to decide the members who need access to your brand account. There are three options for granting access to your Google account:

  • Owner: the owner has complete editing power overall company Google properties. As an owner, you can add or remove managers, modify business information, answer reviews, and many more. 
  • Manager: a manager possesses the same editing power as the owners, with the difference that a manager cannot add or remove page roles or remove listings. To edit a YouTube channel, you have to be either a manager or owner. 
  • Communications Manager: a communication manager can respond to reviews and perform different actions. But they cannot upload content or view analytics.

Guidelines for YouTube Brand

  1. Channel Name: you should choose such a name for your brand, which is correct and is consistent with your overall branding and other social media platforms.
  2. Channel Icon: your channel icon should be the same as your Facebook profile picture. A professional headshot or your company logo can be ideal as a channel icon.
  3. Channel art: you need to upload a 2560*1440 pixel image such that it is scalable across a desktop, a mobile, TV, or a tablet as you don’t know where your YouTube video is going to be watched.
  4. Channel description: your description should be such that it provides the most information about your company and explain what kind of video content you are sharing. After all, it is the description that search engines look for while ranking your channel.
  5. Channel trailer: a short and impressive trailer can let you gain the most traffic.
  6. Channel URL: if you have more than 100 subscribers, your channel is more than 30 days old, it has a channel icon and channel art, then your channel is eligible for a custom URL.
  7. Channel links: from the ‘About’ section of your YouTube channel, you can link to all other social media accounts so that it is easy for subscribers to connect with you somewhere else.

The Bottom Line 

By now, you have realized that for marketing your business/product/services on YouTube, you need a trained and skilled professional so that your marketing strategies go successful at very low cost and time as well. This fact has made companies look for such professionals for going with Youtube marketing as they have realized that a skilled professional can make excellent strategies to make their business successful. 

You can register in a reputed online training institute and get the right training at the right time for the right cost. Browse for the training providers and get yourself trained hassle-free with industry experts and that too with the flexibility of learning at your own pace.

Enroll yourself now!

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!