Unless and until Mobile Phone is connected with power or the internet, it’s not safe; it was not easy for everyone to hack into any cell phone till 2018 as the hackers finding vulnerabilities in IOS or Android kept the price very high to keep it out of reach for common people. Still, with the situation, Demand increased in the market, and the rental package was introduced in this sector too. So let’s get started with the information.

There are many new possibilities of hacking attacks for mobile devices. As the number of connected devices (smart appliances, smart cars, etc.) increases, these mobile devices are more likely to be hacked.

 But on the other side, I also searched many programs; many other resources like software are available for the hacking of Mobiles.

Newer technologies like 5G could make the situation worse, as there will be a lot more data that can be stolen and used for malicious purposes.

There are two types of attack used in the mobile sector, and these are:

  • One is where you have physical access to the target device you want to monitor 
  • You don’t have physical access to the target device, so you want to watch the device remotely.

Concept of Mobile phone hacking:

First One: Where you have physical access to the target device you want to monitor

One of the most insidious Attacks is where you purchased an APK file from the service provider.

And install certain links into the device you would like to monitor. You get this all over the market nowadays that’s cheap, and the connection is not stable all the time.

And even Google allows such services to be openly marketed without restrictions.

Second One: You don’t have physical access to the target device, so you want to monitor the device remotely.

The most private service in this is where you know the mobile number of the target device you want to monitor.

You need an advanced team of ethical hackers specializing in this, and it’s quite easily possible in 2021; there are services available where you can have access to any phone remotely; in this package, you don’t need to touch the target device. You want to monitor. You should have the mobile number of the person.

And real Team of Hackers they don’t charge you anything in Advance Provides you with a complete explanation video and a customized account to view and check how the software function and what all applications you can track before you pay anything. 

Before paying and choosing anything, you can check out with them; whether you can track the target device, they even provide you confirmation if your basic is good. 

Even if the person is deleting the chats from their phone, you can still watch it on their portal. A customer care executive is attending to you 24/7. They guarantee an established connection for the period of service you have bought with them.

 Here, we discuss the great software for mobile hacking.

Remote mobile access:

Remote mobile access is a type of technology that allows people to gain remote access to their devices from any location through the internet.

Depending on the level of remote access, there is a range of different uses. For instance, if you have full remote mobile access, you can be anywhere in the world and still gain full control over your device and all its features. You can also use this type of technology to cut down on your cellular data usage by using Wi-Fi instead. If you have limited remote mobile access, it will only allow for basic features like emailing, browsing the internet, or installing apps.

Remote mobile spy:

Remote mobile spy software is a form of digital surveillance technology that allows one to remotely access and monitors a cell phone. It is also known as remote mobile monitoring software, remote mobile spying software, or the mobile tracker.

Remote mobile spy software works by linking to the target’s cell phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi – this enables the user to see text messages, call logs, emails, internet browsing history, and social media activity on their computer screen from anywhere in the world.

Remote Mobile Spy Software is quite popular with parents who want to monitor their kids’ location and internet usage.

Spy phone app:

The idea of a spy phone app is both scary and alluring. A spied-on person won’t be able to hide anything if they are always being watched. But the same applies to the spyer. They will know everything about the other person, from their lifestyle and habits to their secrets and lies.

This creates a very dangerous situation when there’s no mutual trust.

Many spy phone apps are available online, but not all of them can be trusted with your personal life, business information, and network security. In this blog, we have also done the review on the  spy phone apps for you – in sequence from least trespassing to most trespassing :

Tools used in the process:

They mainly use three exploits 

  • One to extract chat 
  • One to have access to the audio of the target device to create tunneling with SS7. 
  • And one to keep watch which applications are getting updated.


Mobile hacking is easy for attackers, and it’s been the number one threat to date.

Mobile hacking is made easier with the use of hacking software. Software like Zeus, SpyEye, Carberp, DroidJack, spy phone apps, remote spy mobile, and remote mobile access are popular choices for hackers. This software can be used to gain root access to a device, bypassing the security features that usually come with them. Some of these programs even have a keylogger that allows the hacker to access all of your passwords by logging your keystrokes.

By Hemant Kumar

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