Digitally a website or an application happens to be an excellent community for moms. There are many parenting issues that new moms find challenging to discuss with others. However, only one mom can understand another mom. A mom community brings new and experienced moms together to discuss elementary issues that new moms find difficult at first. Some may also find it a little weird to discuss personal issues in the community. In such cases, the solution includes an anonymous website that allows any mom to discuss any issues freely.

Mom issues

Various issues come in the way of a mom. A mom community can provide experienced and proven solutions to them. The topics which require a safe environment for discussion include the following:


It is a very personal yet most common issue which new moms come across. The most common issues moms discuss in a mom community are sore or cracked nipples, insufficient breast milk, breast engorgement, the baby not latching correctly, and thrush infections.


The kid refuses to use the potty, is unaware of the need to urinate, and attempts to play with the excrement. Your child is regressing to their diaper days when they watch their feces flushed away and are scared of getting sucked into the toilet, diapers for bowel movements, and hides while pooping.


The following are a few examples that a mom community can discuss:

  • The frequent disorders and ailments that can cause difficulties during pregnancy
  • Diabetes, blood pressure that is too high
  • Infections, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases
  • Kidney issues
  • Epilepsy
  • Anemia

Other factors that could put you at risk of problems include having a child at the age of 35 or older and having a child early. Anorexia nervosa is an eating problem that affects women, cigarette smoking, consuming prohibited substances, consuming alcoholic beverages, having a history of miscarriage or premature birth, and when twins or triplets are examples of multiple births.


For a single mom, balancing work and parenting is even more difficult. A single mother must care for her children and provide for them entirely on her own. A mom community makes it easy to share these issues. They frequently feel as if they are always falling short when providing enough for their children. For many single mothers, a lack of financial support is a reality.

While it’s true that “money can’t buy happiness,” a lack of it can lead to tension, anxiety, and a lack of options. Single mothers are more prone to feel guilty. She frequently has no choice but to work extra hours to provide for her children. Most single mothers, especially working single mothers, are sick of the motherhood and guilt rhetoric.


There are various other issues which included the trial and error that we all learn in the process. For that, a mom community is the best place for all moms to write and share their experiences which helps the new moms greatly. Community building is a significant factor in today’s life. Being in the digital age, one should opt for the mom community to feel less stressed and learn new things from other’s experiences.

By Hemant Kumar

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