Instagram has become the saviour of many business and brand owners. Many startup businesses and well-known brands have chosen to create an online presence through Instagram. Instagram is a social networking site that relies primarily on visuals and captions, but business owners have taken a liking towards the business aspect of this platform. They believe that Instagram allows them to drive more traffic towards their brand and, therefore, increase their conversion and sales than any other social media platform. It will enable you to engage more people in your posts and connect with more prospects. If you want to get more real instagram followers to grow your account, this guide will assist you with some helpful tips.

You may have been scrolling through Instagram every day, and you may have come across various products that may have attracted you instantly, or you may have been looking for. This is the beauty of Instagram. It has a way of pulling you into a deep hole of posts, and before you know it, you will have spent hours on the platform, and your battery will warn you with a sign of dying. If any industry benefits the most from this magnetic pull of Instagram, it is the business industry. If they have a page composed of engaging and visually attractive posts, they are sure to attract users like a magnet even when their services may not be of any value to those users.

While the benefits of Instagram sound pleasing, achieving success in the platform is white the opposite. Unless you are an already renowned brand or a celebrity, you will have to start from scratch. There is no easy way out. Initially, sites claiming to give you followers at a cheap rate may feel attractive, and you may even close the deal and increase your followers for a while. However, it is not akin to success. If you are serious about growing your Instagram account, you have to be serious about your efforts and the content you post.

All the successful Instagram accounts have one thing in common, consistency. Do not assume that posting engaging content for a day will blow up your Instagram, and then you can sit back, relax and watch your account grow by itself. This is not going to happen, and even if it does, it won’t last. You do not have to be reminded regularly that if you want your page to succeed, you have to post regularly and keep your users engaged. Remember that before they follow your page, you have to give them a reason to follow your page, and after they follow your page, you have to give them a reason to stay. Unless you’re Jennifer Anniston or Ronaldo, do not expect your account to grow miraculously when you are not putting much effort into maintaining it and your page seems almost devoid of any engaging posts.

Get real instagram followers

There are many ways to gain followers on Instagram, and one of the most common ways is to buy them. However, fake followers will stay with you only for a while, and they will never engage in your posts. This can be a severe letdown because when it forms to increase the visibility of your page, Instagram takes into account the engagement rate of your posts and not the number of followers you have. Moreover, a lack of engagement in a page that has a considerable number of followers will quickly make it evident that you bought your followers, and this will be a letdown because it will drive away from the real followers too.

◉ Since Instagram is a page about photographs and images, you need no reminder that your posts have to be of high quality and they have to be visually attractive. Despite the popularity of this suggestion, many users make the mistake of posting low-quality images. When people follow a brand or a business page, they expect everything to be top-notch. They expect all your content to be of high quality and relevance. Suffice to say that if you do not live up to this expectation, they will not follow your page.

◉ Words matter a lot when it comes to Instagram. Even though Instagram is specifically a visual platform, one cannot deny the importance and influence words can have on Instagram. Pictures can say a thousand words, but when pictures fail, words speak. Hence, write a creative and relevant bio. Make sure that you involve all the information about your page. The first lines of your bio should be able to tell the users what your page is about. Try to make this bio creative rather than straightforward, and you may even add a tinge of humour. Humour is the one thing that makes everyone smile, and bringing a smile to someone’s face is never a bad idea.

◉ As mentioned above, words play a vital role on Instagram, and another area where they fall into the picture is the caption. If you want real instagram followers, then you have to post captions that they can relate to or they can laugh at. Pun intended captions tend to do very well with Instagram users, and various celebrities and brand owners can be seen making use of this technique to attract followers. If you want your Instagram to be relatable and relevant, create captions that are relevant and relatable to your users.

◉ Developing an aesthetic can be helpful to grow your Instagram. Having an aesthetic has become a trend in the modern age, and people everywhere are looking for an aesthetic they can drool over. If your page comes across as aesthetic to users, your page will automatically attract new followers. Hence, you can witness the growth of your page happily.

To succeed, you have to work hard, but when it comes to success on Instagram, quality and consistency matter more. Hence, make sure you follow these tips and get serious about growing your account.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!

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