Electrical fires are roaring across America. There are roughly 51,000 electrical fires in America each year. Roughly 500 people die from these fires. 

One reason why electrical fires are so prominent is live electrical wires. You must know how to start making live electrical wires safe in order to keep yourself safe.

What should you wear when you go near an electrical wire? What are some signs that your wire needs fixing? What can happen when you leave live electrical wires exposed? 

Answer these questions and you can avoid fire and smoke damage in your home. Here is your quick guide. 

Wear Protective Equipment Around Live Electrical Wires

You must be careful whenever you are near a live electrical wire. Move furniture away from a wire, including wires that hang down from overhead. This will minimize the risk of a spark causing a fire or falling onto a person. 

When you go near a wire, you must wear rubber gloves. Rubber cannot conduct electricity and it will withstand the heat of the wire. You should also wear eye goggles and pull back any loose clothing. 

Look Out for Potential Hazards

There are many signs of problems with live wires. Leaking water can conduct electricity and lead to a bad shock. 

The wires themselves may become frayed or twisted. It is okay to loop a wire, but the loop should be wide and the cover of the wire should remain smooth. 

A wire should feed a constant supply of electricity. If it does not, there may be a broken circuit breaker or issue with the wire. You must fix the issue before the problem gets worse. 

Start Covering Live Electrical Wires

You should always find some sort of cover for your wires. You can use an IP rated junction box to cover your wires.

This will keep them from falling to the ground or shooting sparks across your room. You can also use the box to make connections between wires and appliances. 

You should also start capping a live electrical wire. You should place a wire nut over the end of it so the tips do not fray. 

Minimize Fire Risks

Covering your wires and moving flammable objects out of the way are two great ways to minimize your fire risks. You can go the extra mile by placing fire extinguishers nearby. 

You should also make sure you have smoke detectors in each room. When you hear a detector go off, you should evacuate the space. You should then call 911 and talk to the first responder about your live wires. 

The Essentials of Live Electricity Safety 

Live electrical wires are a real risk. They can drop sparks onto people’s bodies and pieces of furniture. You must move wooden objects away and go near wires with rubber gloves. 

You need to remove leaking water around your wires. You should also inspect your wires for signs of fraying. 

The best way to keep yourself safe is to cover your wires with boxes and caps. Add smoke detectors around your wires and keep fire suppression tools on hand. 

Electronics are changing, which means electric safety is changing. Keep up with safety developments by following our coverage. 

By Hemant Kumar

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