In the modern era, the use of water softeners is enhanced for treating hard water for several benefits. Hard water is rich in the content of some minerals like magnesium, calcium, manganese, and carbonate. The use and consumption of hard water are not hazardous for health, but at the same time, they can ruin your water heater, create issues in your plumbing system, and make the dishes, clothes, and hair washing a great challenge. Therefore, the water softener for home plays a major role in improving the hard water quality.

Types of Water Softeners

  • Salt-based water softener (Ion Exchange water softener): Salt-based water softener is most commonly used by people. This kind of water softener is installed for whole house water filtration for soft water needs. Also, it offers a high flow of water. The minerals like calcium and magnesium are attracted by the resin inside the water softener, which is replaced with sodium ions through the process of ion exchange. Additionally, the salt-based water softener has a long lifespan. It removes the minerals of hard water completely
  • Salt-free Water Softeners: Salt-free water softeners often filter other impurities from the water. As the name suggests, the salt-free water softener doesn’t need salt. The salt-free system does not eliminate the minerals from hard water, but it equalizes the minerals and deter them from sticking, avoids the buildup of sediment and formation of hard water. They are quite compact in design. Moreover, they can be an expensive purchase but, in the long run, demands less cost for maintenance
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Softeners: Reverse Osmosis Water System tends to remove hard minerals from the water like magnesium and calcium. In Addition, it also removes other waste substances from water. Fortunately, it introduces the feature to reintroduce the filtered minerals that are essential to some extent for human health. Hence, the reverse osmosis water softener system produces high water pressure using the RO membrane
  • Portable Water Softener: By name, it is clear that the portable water softener can be carried while traveling. At the same time, they don’t need electricity to run. For regenerating the portable water softener for home, you simply need a regular table salt. A portable water softener can provide drinking water to many at a time. They provide water only to the single bathroom instead of the whole house and are less expensive
  • Magnetic Water Softeners: Magnetic Water Softeners are a new introduction and have a very simple installation design. This kind of water softener works exactly like a salt-free system. It also equalizes the minerals in hard water and avoids them from combining and making them soluble. Indeed, it offers quick and comfortable installation without the need to cut pipes and turn off the water supply.

Benefits Of Water Softener For Overhead Tank

  • Saves money: At first, the residue in hard water will clog your plumbing system, which will demand unnecessary repairing costs. Thus, water softeners avoid this repair cost. It protects the appliances from danger and prevents the purchase of new appliances. It also reduces the electricity or gas bills
  • Clean hair and soft skin: The soft water makes your skin hold moisture easily due to the absence of minerals. As hard water can destroy the natural oils and leave your skin irritated. Also, soft water maintains the pH balance of your hair. It protects your hair from turning dry and brittle
  • Clean and soft clothes: The hard water can spoil your new-looking sweater. Have you noticed that? Yes, it is not due to the detergent you use but due to the minerals present in water. Therefore,  the soft water will avoid the buildup of minerals on clothes, leaving them soft, preventing the mess of multiple washes
  • Improves the taste of water: The taste of the water of every locality may vary. The portion of metallics or hard minerals in water affects its taste. Hence the softened water will improve the taste of the water
  • The enhanced lifespan of the appliances: Your faucets, shower, heater, Tupperware, dispenser get affected badly due to hard water. This way, the appliances get disturbed, its performance gets affected, which leads to a reduced lifespan of the appliance. Since water softener removes the minerals and softens the water

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