Paint is something with which you decorate your home and the walls. It can be colorful and colorless, but it makes concrete walls and surfaces look smooth and aesthetic.  Wall paints are a combination of pigments, resins, additives, and solvents. The pigment forms the color quotient of the paint and the resins form the sticky glue feature. Solvent creates the liquid composition and additives form the  anti-fungal or stain removal properties in the paint.

There are different types of paints, which add textures and aesthetics to your wall. The cheaper paint always wears off quickly as it has more solvent content. So let us know a bit more about the types of paints

1. Distemper paints

It is a less expensive paint used on the interior walls of the home. Distemper paints are generally used for whitewashing the walls and concealing the flaws. Distempering can be done yearly since it is easy and affordable. However, it is very easy to spot and does not lasts long.

2. Metal paints

Metal paints are used to paint metallic surfaces such as grills, tables, doors, and windows. This is generally done with metal primers that give adequate adhesion and also protect the underneath metal from corrosion. Oil-based and water-based metal paints are used on the walls of homes to create an alluring look. Sometimes, millennials also used metallic spray paints to decorate their walls.

Take a look at the metal paint process that takes place at home to paint the surfaces and the walls

3. Latex Paints

Latex or water-based paints. They can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Latex paints are commonly used in most households as they have Low VOCs and are also environmentally friendly. They dry fast and prevent moisture. Latex paints are versatile and can be used on interior wall painting and wood painting.

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4. Emulsion Paints

Emulsion paints are used on both interior and exterior walls of the home. Emulsion paints also come with technology that prevents fungal growth and are effectively stain resistant. Coming in different shades and colors, they leave a smooth finish on the walls, make them look shiny and glossy.

You can mix different emulsion paints to create different house color combinations for your walls.

5. Enamel paints

Enamel paints are highly durable. It is one of the most expensive paints used as its coatings are highly water, stain, dust, and fungal resistant. Its high quality makes it long-lasting. Enamel paints come in different colors and shades, they leave a glossy look on the walls.


Buying parts is not just about painting the walls. The quality of your walls and the metal surfaces depends on the types of paints you are using. This becomes crucial as bad quality paints lead to repainting and is expensive.

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