Since modern problems require modern solutions, researchers have adhered to several techniques and technological advancements to develop various vaccines. One of the services that have played a significant role in the advanced healthcare industry is custom recombinant protein production. Not only is it an efficient technique utilized in life sciences consulting, but it is also put to use by researchers in biotechnology, research, and medicine.

In addition, experts from biosciences believe that a considerable amount of funding awaits in the custom protein production industry. Besides, it is essential to know that recombinant proteins are manipulated forms of a protein encoded by specific genes and utilized to produce prominent protein figures. Professionals further use this method to manufacture and produce therapeutic commercial proteins. Furthermore, several government funding and initiatives are on course to boost the protein market growth in the coming years, allowing more laboratories to adhere to specific custom protein production services.

For example, Central Pennsylvania’s Life Sciences Greenhouse provides early-stage fundings of a minimum of US$ 1-2 million through equity financing or convertible debt to operable life sciences organizations having the considerable potential to grow commercially.

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Custom Protein Production Services

The spread of the virus has hindered the growth of numerous pharmaceutical companies. It began back in 2019 when Wuhan City reported a handful of pneumonia cases, which later got identified as the novel coronavirus. While the healthcare authorities reported the causative agents as a byproduct of COVID-19, they could not handle its spread. And, in the next couple of months, the virus reached all around the globe, resulting in endless fatalities and casualties. In March 2020, the WHO declared the virus a pandemic and proposed stringent measures and implementation to minimize its spread.

The rapid spread of COVID-19 slowed the growth of various healthcare sectors and resulted in a disruption in the entire supply chain. This led to governments implementing nationwide lockdown measures, further hampering the production of medicinal products. Furthermore, the slowdown of the supply chain has severely impacted the global services of recombinant protein production. Right now, experts have estimated the market size of the worldwide custom protein production market at US$ 3575.3 million and expect the industry to exhibit 11.2% CAGR over the next forecast period, which is 2020 to 2027.

Fundamental Analysis and Trends – Custom Protein Production Services

The key trends in the custom protein production industry comprise the increasing demand and supply of recombinant proteins, rising funds in life sciences, and technological advancements in production. These days, market players diligently invest their funds in development and research to capitalize on a cell’s standard functionality to identify specific changes resulting in protein dysfunction during disorders. 

As already discussed, experts suggest that there will be a rise in funding in life sciences to uplift the market growth. As of 2019, the OPPF, UK in the United Kingdom obtained additional funds of US$ 3 million from the MRC (Laboratory of Molecular Biology) to offer a wide range of highly specialized technologies. This incorporated robotic systems to produce high crystallization and purification and throughput expression of recombinant proteins. Similarly, the Sweden government is more focused on funding and investing in the research infrastructure of life sciences while participating in seventy-three research projects. All of these estimates are close to US$ 57 million in funds and investments.

What Does The Regional Analysis Say?

The global custom protein production services are segmented into Latin America, North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East when it comes to regional analysis. In 2020, the University of California, San Diego, stated that they found specific genome-editing techniques that could eliminate a minimum of 70% of the contaminating protein. Such a process occurs through recombinant-protein drugs developed by powerhouses like CHO cells (Chinese Hamster Ovary). These advanced development findings help uplift the custom protein’s production services.

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In addition to the rising numbers in production, several organizations are adapting strategic acquisitions to spread their presence geographically. For example, Eurofins Scientific bought DiscoverX to accelerate the development and discovery and enhance the new drugs’ research productivity. Moreover, in late 2019, iBio, Inc. uncovered the FastGlycaneering Development Service. Many biosimilar producers can adhere to the benefits of low-cost oligomannose modification capabilities, fucosylation controls, and more custom glycosylation utilized for rapidly developing novel biosimilars drugs and antibodies. All of this occurs through the use of iBio’s plant-based manufacturing production services.

Competitive Landscape

If you aren’t aware of some of the names operating in the market of custom recombinant protein production services, here are some:

  1. GenScript Biotech Corporation
  2. Applied Biological Materials Inc.
  3. Eurofins Pharma Discovery
  4. Abgent, OriGene Technologies, Inc.
  5. Crown Bioscience, Inc.
  6. BPS Bioscience, Inc.
  7. ProteoGenix, Kempbio, Inc.
  8. Novoprotein
  9. Premas Biotech
  10. Trenzyme GmbH
  11. Atum, Novus Biologicals, LLC
  12. Icosagen AS, LakePharma, Inc.
  13. Proteos, Inc.
  14. Aldevron, Sino Biological Inc.
  15. SignalChem Lifesciences Corporation

Final Thoughts

While companies are increasing product launches, research and development, and protein production services, many biosciences experts expect the market to grow between 2020 and 2027.

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