Dog Beds

You’re a conscientious and affectionate pet parent. You believe you get everything your dog requires to feel at ease in his or her surroundings. When dogs feel more comfortable, they can be quite happy, but we all realize that certain dogs are more difficult to calm down than others. However, if your dog chews through it all, including its bed, you’ll need to find a solution. Here’s a step-by-step guide on buying durable dog beds that would last for years.

You may well have discovered that your dog has a horrible habit of trashing his or her bed, most often by chewing, biting, or burrowing into it. You’ll need to choose the correct, unbreakable dog bed, also known as a chew-proof dog bed, if you want to avoid having to replace your dog’s bed regularly.

Why Do Dogs Destroy Their Beds?

Because of various variables, an indestructible bed is one that your dog cannot destroy. Chewers and diggers are inbred in dogs. Several toys in your dog’s toy baskets are soft, fabric-covered, and fiber-filled. The canine impulse to chew is triggered by toys. Many dogs attempt to “kill” and rip apart their toys. Take a look at the bed that your dog is sleeping in. It’s also fiber-filled, velvety, and covered in cloth.

Your dog can mistake its bed for a toy and attempt to “kill” it. Dogs also have a proclivity for nesting in the wild and scratch the location where they sleep spontaneously. A digging dog tears a dog bed’s cover off, and another bites the dust. There are indeed dogs who really are fearful, phobic, bored, or in pain. A dog with behavioral problems or dread of thunderstorms will shred up everything in its path. Dogs will engage in destructive behaviors such as digging, chewing, and destroying if they aren’t given enough physical or mental activity.

Why Chew-Proof a Dog Bed?

It’s crucial to ensure that your dog’s bed isn’t readily ripped apart, especially if your dog chews everything within sight. Apart from the obvious concerns of picking up the pieces, including spending money on an expensive bed, swallowed bedding poses serious health hazards to your dog.

If your dog eats the bedding, it can cause significant and life-threatening obstructions in his digestive system. It’s best to do everything you can to avoid this, including giving a bed that’s difficult to shred. If you are looking for a quality chew resistant dog bed, you can easily look for suppliers online who sells them at an affordable rate. 

Dog beds should be constructed of high-performance, heavy-duty materials that can endure a great deal of abuse. Ripstop nylon, as well as heavy-duty zippers, are used in some of these beds. They’re usually double-layered for added protection. Some are also stitched with Kevlar threads for ultra-durable stitches. With a chew-resistant bed, you can easily ensure the safety of your dog as well as save money on replacing the beds every time the dog destroys it. 

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