Be it a new patio you are designing or replacing the old cushions, decorating outdoors is fun. If you don’t want your yard to look fallen apart or cause any damage to the elements, here are a few mistakes you should avoid. The outdoors gives a glimpse of what to expect indoors in a house. Thus, a well-put-together outdoors will be a beautiful welcome to you and your guests.

Measure old cushions and not furniture

Measuring cushions are the most common mistake people make. They measure old pillows and not the furniture they would place it on. Over time the fabric of the buffer may stretch, and it can lose some filling. Measuring a cushion that becomes worn out will not give you correct measurements. Always try to measure the patio furniture to buy questions that would complement them. Measure the height, weight, and depth with the tape before you buy the cushions

Ignoring everyday use or your climate

Intended use and your location would decide the best cushions suited for your patio. For example, pillows bought keeping a beach house in mind will not work well for a woody outdoor space. There are many fabric and cushion options to explore. While choosing your fabric or cushion option, consider the weather around the place you live around. People with pets or kids always go for durable material. If you live in sunny areas, go for acrylic linen, while rainy climates may prefer olefin.

Cushion protection

If your patio is covered, you still should protect the cushions. Getting drenched in the rain, fading under the strong sunlight, or being blown away on a windy day can be mishaps if cushions are not protected. Depending on the weather your home experiences, try to protect your cushions. You can also try to store them in dry places during rainy seasons. Try outdoor cushion covers to add an extra layer of protection to the cushions. Covers give protection from any dirt, sweat and keep the pillows safe.

Choosing wrong colours

A beautiful patio will make you look forward to spending your day there. Right colours compliment and make any boring place look exciting. In addition to choosing the right colours, you should always be very careful with the colours you select, as overwhelming colours can disturb your guests.

Designing a boring patio

While measurements, cushion fabric, colours, protection matter, what matters the most is decorating the patio to be a fun and enjoyable space. If you want to enjoy time on your patio, it has to be a fun place you enjoy being around. So have fun while you are designing your deck, which will add a lot to the enhanced decorations.

These steps will help you enhance your patio cushions with your favourite patterns and colours. Then, try to compliment them with accent rugs, wallets, or curtains. No matter what kind of cushion you select, your patio should be comfortable. If you keep the steps in mind, you will end up designing a unique outdoor environment.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!